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January 29, 2015

Do Kids Really Need To Drink Milk?

JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Amazing: People Can't Tell The Difference Between Cold-Pressed Juice And Tang


More States Lean Toward Medicaid Expansion

Michael Hickey via Getty Images

Does Your Member Of Congress Offer Paid Maternity And Paternity Leave?

Win McNamee via Getty Images

Straight Women May Only Strive For Thinness If They Think Men Prefer It


Moral Monday Returns With Public Opinion, If Not The North Carolina Legislature, On Its Side


Lipstick-Smearing Selfies Aim To Raise Awareness For Cervical Cancer


California School Barrs Non-Vaccinated Students From School

Vstock LLC via Getty Images

Possible Ebola Patient At UC Davis Medical Center

Fuse via Getty Images

Sugary Drinks May Cause Earlier Menstruation In Girls

Emely via Getty Images

Canadian Couple's Surrogate Twins Fighting For Their Lives In Mexico

Smith Family

California Takes A Strong Stand Against E-Cigarettes

Martina Paraninfi via Getty Images

Postpartum Depression Can Start As Soon As You're Pregnant

Jose antonio Sanchez reyes via Getty Images

SpongeBob SquarePants Discovered Inside Child

Dr Ghofran Ageely /

No, You Probably Won't Get Addicted To Facebook

Dean Belcher via Getty Images

Trudeau Opens Up About His Mother's Struggle With Depression


Clinton Foundation To Help Make Anti-Overdose Drug Much More Affordable

Huffington Post

6 More Measles Cases Confirmed In California After Disneyland Outbreak



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Pediatricians Oppose Medical Marijuana, With Some Exceptions


More Smokers Are Turning To E-Cigarettes To Help Them Quit

kitiara65 via Getty Images

House Democrats Want Republican Women To Help Pass Paid Leave Legislation

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Scientists Ask If Ebola Could Be Silently Immunizing Some People While Killing Others

Fuse via Getty Images

Preemies Less Lucky In Love As Young Adults, Study Suggests

Photodisc via Getty Images

Robotic 'Turtles' Will Deliver Supplies In Superhospital

Anne-Louise Despatie via

How Institutional Neglect Affects Kids' Brains

Muammer Mujdat Uzel via Getty Images

Organ Donation Is Hard Enough Without Having To Worry About This, Too

Alliance via Getty Images

Disneyland Measles A Reminder To Vaccinate Kids: Fraser Health