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September 16, 2014

Black Lung Disease Rates Skyrocket To Highest Levels Since 1970s

Buyenlarge via Getty Images

Bill Gates' Foundation Gives Its Largest Gift Ever To Combat Ebola Crisis

THOMAS SAMSON via Getty Images

The Worst Jobs For Your Health

Andreas Schlegel via Getty Images

Scientists Studied What Smoking Pot Every Day Does To Teens, And The Results Are Bad

agafapaperiapunta via Getty Images

People With This Blood Type Are At Greater Risk For Memory Loss In Later Life

Vonschonertagen via Getty Images

MIT Is Hosting Hackathons To 'Make The Breast Pump Not Suck'

Roberto Westbrook via Getty Images

Paul Ryan, Chuck Todd Discuss Shared Experience Of Losing Alcoholic Fathers

John Gress via Getty Images

Boy With 8 Limbs Undergoes Life-Changing Surgery

Courtesy of Dr. Nasser Kekembo

Missouri Lawmaker Suing Federal Government To Keep Daughters From Accessing Birth Control

Fight Against Ebola Outbreak Is 4 Months Behind Where It Should Be: Aid Expert

The Washington Post via Getty Images

Screening Older Women For Breast Cancer May Do More Harm Than Good

Yellow Dog Productions via Getty Images

At 9 Years Old, Grace Has Already Beaten Cancer. Now She's Taking On Child Homelessness


How Obamacare Could Be A Huge Boon To 'Alt-Labor' Groups

JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

The Latest Weapon In The Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance Lives In The Vagina

Staras via Getty Images

American Ebola Survivor Kent Brantly Donates Blood To Fellow Missionary Doctor

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Justice Department Challenges University Over Therapy Dog

Thomas Koehler via Getty Images

Is Short Spacing Between Children Healthy?


Health Officials Warn Of Possible Measles Exposure At Seattle Airport


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How Hollywood's Vaccine Wars Caused A Whooping Cough Epidemic

Ron Levine via Getty Images

Smelling Something Fishy Actually Makes People More Suspicious

John Kuczala via Getty Images

What Sunny Days Might Have To Do With Suicide Rates

Ross M Horowitz via Getty Images

Hospitals May Be Using Too Many Antibiotics

stevecoleimages via Getty Images

'Fat Shaming' Linked To Weight Gain

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

What To Do About These 'Mysterious Deadly Virus' Headlines

Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

Aside From Ebola, 17 Other Tropical Diseases We Should Pay Attention To

tumdee via Getty Images

What It's Actually Like To Be On The Front Lines Of The Ebola Outbreak


Doctor Recovered From Ebola Donates Blood To Help Fellow Sick Doctor