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August 1, 2015

The Wonderful Way One Mom Is Empowering Kids With Hearing Loss

Sarah Ivermee

The Devastating Toll Diabetes Takes On The Brain

Veterans Exposed To Toxic Chemicals Accuse VA Of Foot-Dragging

Casimir Cerniauskas

How Do Men And Women React Differently In A Breakup?

Mondays With Marlo

White House Finds Way Around Hobby Lobby Birth Control Decision

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Getting Over An Addiction To Your Ex

Mondays With Marlo

4 Secrets To Sweating Less


Why This News Reporter Wants To Change The Way We Talk About Fertility

Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

Right-To-Die Bill Abandoned In California


It Could Be Possible To Predict Which Kids Will Struggle With Reading, Says Study

Shutterstock / wavebreakmedia

Mega-Viral Video Proves That Moms Face Judgment, No Matter What


Lead Poisoning Has Devastating Health Consequences And Primarily Affects African-Americans

Spencer Platt via Getty Images

The Surprising Benefit Of Having Nightmares

Leemage via Getty Images

Sleep Loss Makes It Harder To Remember What You Know

Van Winkle

Republicans Pull Bill Over Susan G. Komen Funding

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Blood Tests Could Soon Be As Easy As A Trip To The Drugstore

Shutterstock / Sean Gladwell

Medicare's New End-Of-Life Planning Proposal Will Make Sarah Palin's Head Explode

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Angela Bassett On The Aging Conversation We Need To Have

Aubree Dallas


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Woman's Poignant Video Shows Why We Should Talk About Pregnancy Loss


Inside The Surprisingly Cutthroat Breast Milk Industry

Getty Images/Image Source

Women Are Spending $1.4 Billion Less On Birth Control Due To Obamacare: Report


Shopping For Healthier Meals Would Cost An Extra $1,500 For A Family Of Four

Margaryta Vakhterova

Colorado Mulls Adding PTSD As Eligible Condition for Medical Pot

David McNew via Getty Images

Marijuana Helps Heal Broken Bones: Study

Scott Harms

Famous Aid Worker Warns Against 'Magic Bullet' Solutions Like Bed Nets

Amy Lehman

Canadian-Led Ebola Vaccine Provides 100% Protection: Study


Health Canada Approves RU-486 Abortion PIll