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October 9, 2015

Obesity and Food Insecurity: A Public Health Paradox

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Melanie Stetson Freeman via Getty Images

Updating SNAP with new tools, innovations and resources requires the input of a broad range of public health, private sector, and governmental stakeholders. SNAP provides an important safety net for low-income families.

The Fastest Running Cities In The World

Athena Image
Dave and Les Jacobs via Getty Images

8 Toxic Thoughts You Deserve To Let Go Of

Teen Upset
Westend61 via Getty Images

What The Most Successful People Do In The Mornings

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

7 Halloween Candies With Scary-Long Ingredient Lists

Lupus, Selena Gomez's Autoimmune Disease, Explained

Athena Image
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

A Scientifically Proven Trick For Remembering Someone's Name

Athena Image
bunditinay via Getty Images

The Failure Of American Medicine To Save Black Lives

Black Patient
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

The Biggest Myths About Mentally Strong People

Black Women Breast Cancer
Inti St. Clair via Getty Images

This Is What It's Really Like To Live With Schizophrenia

Rethink Mental Illness/YouTube

The 5 Biggest Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Of 2015

Athena Image
Fotosearch via Getty Images

What You Should Know About Psychiatric Genetic Testing

Hero Images via Getty Images

Powerful Photo Series Shows Mental Illness Doesn't Discriminate

Dior Vargas
Dior Vargas

8 Things I Want My Nephews To Know About Being Men

Sahaj Kohli
Sahaj Kohli

How To Stay Well-Rested When Traveling

Sleep Airplane
Colin Anderson via Getty Images

5 Changes That Will Immediately Lower Your Stress Levels

AntonioGuillem via Getty Images

Beat Your Back Pain With 5 Exercises

Back Pain
Tetra Images via Getty Images

Everything You Need To Know About Motion Sickness

Athena Image

9 Foods This Nutritionist Stocks In Her Kitchen

Peanut Butter
Glow Cuisine via Getty Images

6 Reasons It's Good Some People Don't Like You

Dislike Friend
Fabrice LEROUGE via Getty Images

What Experts May Be Getting Wrong About Co-Sleeping

Athena Image
Tetra Images via Getty Images

This Is What A Migraine Physically Feels Like

Alissa Scheller / The Huffington Post

9 Truths From People Who Actually Like Mondays

Athena Image
Blend Images - Peter Dressel via Getty Images

6 Things You Shouldn't Say To Someone With An Eating Disorder

Woman With Head In Hands

A Few Good Reasons To Embrace Your Weird Side

Leonard Mc Lane via Getty Images
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British Nurse Who Contracted Ebola Hospitalized Again

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YoYo Mat

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The Myth of the Larger-Than-Life Leader