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Arianna Huffington


My Conversation With the Dalai Lama: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality, Part 2 (VIDEO)

Arianna Huffington | Posted July 15, 2012

To find the peace of mind that alone can replace aimless searching, which has led to an epidemic of stress, anxiety, and drugs, the Dalai Lama is looking to science to convince a skeptical society of the power of contemplation and compassion to change our lives and our world.
Robert Ross


Health Happens in the Workplace: Employee Wellness Program to Improve Lives and Save Money

Robert Ross | Posted July 15, 2012

We know health happens in the workplace, and there is plenty of research now telling us that savings happen with prevention.
Dr. Gregory Jantz, Ph.D.


A Matter of Weight

Dr. Gregory Jantz, Ph.D. | Posted July 15, 2012

As difficult as it is to accept, this obesity epidemic requiring a national conversation has to be done person by person by person, with as much collective compassion, creativity, insight and patience as humanly possible.
Margaret Paul, Ph.D.


Relationships: Why You Attract Who You Attract

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. | Posted July 15, 2012

While no one deliberately seeks out someone who is closed, negative and needy, if this is you, this is what you will attract into your life. If you want a loving relationship, then you need to do the work of learning how to take emotional responsibility
Ilaina Edison


Elder Independence: Establishing Common Ground

Ilaina Edison | Posted July 15, 2012

Whether you're caring for an aging parent or a neighbor in your apartment building, or helping a home health aide connect with your ill spouse, look to establish common ground to drive forward a successful caregiving relationship.
Chef Ann Cooper


The Renegade Lunch Lady Celebrates Food Revolution Day Throughout May

Chef Ann Cooper | Posted July 15, 2012

On Rainbow Day, students are all offered a side salad at the salad bar for free -- whether they are getting lunch from school or brought lunch from home. At the salad bar they are encouraged to choose at least three different colors of the fruit and vegetable rainbow for their tray.
Dr. James Costello


Cool Food

Dr. James Costello | Posted July 15, 2012

At the end of the session we approached to ask the one question that we have been waiting for. "What is the most ideal food for a human?" He fell silent and looked pensive. Then, his face brightened, his eyes sparkled.
Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.


Interview With Dr. Ari Tuckman on Adult ADHD

Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D. | Posted July 15, 2012

Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA is a psychologist in private practice, specializing in diagnosing and treating children, teens, and adults with ADHD, anxiety, and depression.
Lloyd I. Sederer, MD


Book Review: The Guardians -- An Elegy

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD | Posted July 15, 2012

Serious mental illnesses can be agony: They are as painful as physical illnesses but further bedeviling because there is no broken bone, no dead heart or lung tissue, no cancer or non-functioning organ to point to.
Dr. Steve Rosenberg


Coaches Beware... Flat Feet Can Affect Your Players Balance

Dr. Steve Rosenberg | Posted July 15, 2012

In my practice the first thing that I determine when I'm evaluating a player is what their feet are doing when they hit the ground. If the player's foot is flat it can lead to balance problems.
Susan Blumenthal, M.D.


The Weight of the Nation

Susan Blumenthal, M.D. | Posted May 15, 2012

We now must act boldly to combat the obesity epidemic. There are many opportunities across the lifespan, but it will require a shift in social norms and an unprecedented social movement for obesity prevention.
Janet Walsh


The Breastfeeding Brouhaha

Janet Walsh | Posted July 15, 2012

The question isn't who is "mom enough" as the TIME title suggests, but whether policymakers are smart enough to devise sound policies for breastfeeding, work, and paid family leave.
Nancy Colier


Who Made You the Boss of Me? Reclaiming Authority in Our Own Lives

Nancy Colier | Posted July 15, 2012

Relinquishing our authority is turning us into a nation of sloths, proud of the opportunity to do nothing. We have created a Hummer but lost the use of our legs. We are disabled by the softness of our chairs, and disappearing into the easiness that we worked so hard to create.
Stanton Peele


Politics in the Diagnosis of Addiction

Stanton Peele | Posted July 15, 2012

There is an inescapable conceptual struggle when dealing with America's volatile history of, and attitudes toward, substance use. In other words, the meaning of addiction is a never-ending American, and thus worldwide, cultural debate.
Jeanne Ball


Meditating Moms: A Silent Revolution

Jeanne Ball | Posted July 15, 2012

Intuition, patience, wisdom, love -- all the divine qualities associated with motherhood often depend on how rested we are, how aligned we are with our own inner voice and deepest source of nourishment.

Who's Pulling the Strings of the Vegan Propaganda Machine?

Nil Zacharias | Posted July 15, 2012

At times, it almost feels like every scientist in the world is secretly conspiring to ruin the idea of a good meaty meal by generating more bad news about meat and well-researched proof that a plant-based diet is optimal for good health.
Maria Rodale


Start Your Own Modern Homestead

Maria Rodale | Posted July 15, 2012

by guest blogger Robyn Jasko, cofounder of Grow Indie With the rise in food costs, pesticides, and GMOs there's never been a better or more important time to grow your own organic food. Sounds simple enough, but then reality hits: You're working late again, the kids have to...
Neeraj Mistry, M.D.


Elephantiasis, Snail Fever, Roundworm, More: Eliminating 7 Neglected Diseases that Affect World's Poorest by 2020

Neeraj Mistry, M.D. | Posted July 15, 2012

We're at risk of failing the poorest nations if we don't step up our efforts to address a health concern that's connected to the success of nearly every important socio-economic development milestone. I'm talking about neglected tropical diseases.
JJ Keith


Just (Don't) Do It

JJ Keith | Posted July 15, 2012

Not many of my friends know I ever used to be an athlete. I forget myself, until a pedicurist notices my hammertoes or I have a dream about striding down the homestretch after a race, feeling that last surge of power.
Danielle LaPorte


30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius, Day 29: When Do You Choose Quality? When Do You Choose Cheap? (VIDEO)

Danielle LaPorte | Posted July 15, 2012

Now, let's be clear, there are two types of "easy" when you're choosing to take the Creative Genius "easy way". There's Quality easy and cheap easy. We're aiming for Quality, with a capital Q. Quality easy has fewer things on the to-do list and is a brilliant delegator. Quality easy...
Sara Calabro


4 Acupuncture-Inspired Ways to Stop Compulsive Phone Checking

Sara Calabro | Posted July 15, 2012

At the root of our uneasiness with solitude is uncertainty about what we might find. We reflexively reach for our phones because we lack the confidence that tells us we alone are enough.
Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver


What About Your Sexual Intelligence Quotient?

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver | Posted July 15, 2012

When we are aware of being at choice regarding our sexual beings, we can tap into and use our sexual energy in a multitude of ways, depending on what we want to create in our lives and relationships.
William Horden


5 Soul-Thoughts for a Radiant Life

William Horden | Posted July 15, 2012

By orienting us within the realm of spiritual cause-and-effect, soul-thoughts allow us to lean into the coming moment with a more open-minded, open-hearted and dynamic personality.
Phyllis F. Mitz


Astrology Now: Venus Retrograde, Relationships Wobbly

Phyllis F. Mitz | Posted July 15, 2012

Whatever sun sign you happen to be, this Venus retrograde can make your relationships a bit more eventful than usual!
Ed and Deb Shapiro


What the Buddha Might Say to President Obama

Ed and Deb Shapiro | Posted July 15, 2012

To find unity, we have to go beyond those differences; we have to surrender our own needs for the benefit of all. In the process, our enemies can teach us great patience and even compassion!