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Fordham, Education Department Sued Over Student's Mental Health Records

AP | Tyler Kingkade | July 3, 2015 | College
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- A graduate student has sued Fordham University, seeking $5 million in damages and saying the college violated her civil rights by demanding her entire record of mental health treatment as a condition for returning. The federal lawsuit by Emily Pierce also...

How To Prepare Yourself For The Perfect, Stress-Free Vacation

The Huffington Post | Sarah Klein | July 3, 2015 | Healthy Living
If you've ever found yourself wishing for another vacation before you've even finished unpacking your suitcase from the last one, it's time to do something a little differently before you hit the road for this extra-long July 4th weekend. It sounds like extra work, having to prepare for vacation. But...

Why You Suffer From Back Pain, According To Science

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | July 3, 2015 | Canada Living
Your mother always told you to sit up straight, and now scientists are saying the same thing — but possibly for a different reason. In the video above, DNews attempts to explain what exactly is causing back pain across North America. The conversation started when posture specialist Esther...

How City Living May Be Harming Your Mental Health, And What You Can Do About It

The Huffington Post | Carolyn Gregoire | July 3, 2015 | Science
City life can take a serious toll on your mental health. Research has shown that urban dwellers are more likely to suffer from chronic stress and mental illness, particularly depression. But according to new research, the antidote to those city blues could be as simple as a...

The Deadly Cost Of Austerity On Greece's Health Care System

The Huffington Post | Charlotte Alfred | July 3, 2015 | World
For over four years, Greece has implemented strict austerity measures as a condition of the major bailout deals keeping the country afloat. The Greek government is currently locked in a showdown with its international creditors about how much further they will have to tighten budgets in order to...

Why We Can't Remember Phone Numbers Anymore | Jade Walker | July 3, 2015 | Technology
Could you recite your child's phone number off the top of your head? How about your spouse's number?

Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills California Woman

The Huffington Post | Dominique Mosbergen | July 3, 2015 | Healthy Living
A 21-year-old woman from Bishop, California, has reportedly died from a rare but devastating infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba. Inyo County public health officials told the Reno Gazette-Journal that the woman died on June 20 after being infected by Naegleria fowleri, a microscopic amoeba usually...

The Kingii, A Tiny Life Preserver, Could Save Your Summer

The Huffington Post | James Cave | July 2, 2015 | Technology
We've all been there: Someone offers you a bulky, bright orange life vest and you politely decline. You know how to swim, you tell yourself. Plus, it would look pretty dorky. But according to the the United States Coast Guard, 82 percent of people who drowned in 2013

Joe Biden Quietly Gave A Boy Who Stuttered Some Beautifully Encouraging Advice Decades Ago

The Huffington Post | Kimberly Yam | July 2, 2015 | Good News
You don't have to be a Joe Biden supporter to admit that what the veep did for one kid years ago was downright awesome. Branden "Skip" Brooks took an eighth-grade class trip to Washington, DC, back in 1994, where the students had a Q&A session with then-Senator...

10 Ways Hemp Seeds Could Benefit Your Life

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | July 2, 2015 | Canada Living
If you've been in a health food store lately, you've probably noticed a lot of hemp products on the shelves. From hemp milk to seeds to oils, pastas and even paper — this super plant has plenty of uses. Don't let the controversy around hemp confuse you. While hemp seeds...

A Soup That You'll Actually WANT On A Hot Day

Theresa D'Angelo | July 2, 2015 | OWN
Usually the last thing you want on a hot summer day is soup, but we think you’ll make an exception for this chilled dish. Chef Jesse Brune from the OWN show "Home Made Simple" shares his easy recipe for Chilled Cucumber Soup. What makes it ideal for summer? It actually...

Watch This Mom Destroy 4 Of The Most Ridiculous Arguments Against Breastfeeding In Public

The Huffington Post | Caroline Bologna | July 2, 2015 | Parents
Despite the efforts of photographers, writers and other lactivists, breastfeeding in public remains a hotly debated topic today. Mom and cooking show host Kristina Kuzmic is joining in the debate with her satirical PSA -- "4 Reasons Women Should NEVER...

Plus-Size Vlogger Doesn't Care If Her Bikini Body Makes You ‘Uncomfortable'

The Huffington Post | Nina Friend | July 2, 2015 | Women
"Why is it that someone else can dictate that you are not allowed to put something on your body that makes them uncomfortable?" Such is one of just a few questions worth asking when it comes to what women choose to wear near bodies of water. YouTube star...

Beautiful 4th Of July Ad Shows How A Military Dad Bonds With His Daughter From Afar

The Huffington Post | Caroline Bologna | July 2, 2015 | Parents
The 4th of July is a time to celebrate American independence and honor those who fight to protect it. This new ad from Duracell focuses on one military family coping with the hardship of living apart from a deployed father. Inspired by the true story of a...

Tattoo Artist Turns Girl's Leg Braces Into A Pair Of Wicked Awesome Disney Villains

The Huffington Post | Cameron Keady | July 2, 2015 | Good News
A tattoo artist helped to make this girl feel like a Disney star; not a princess or queen, but an awesome villain. Aaron Guillemette, a tattoo artist in Fall River, Massachusetts, created a set of Disney designs for 8-year-old Hope Laliberte’s leg braces, Today Parents reported. The...

Portrait Of A Quiet Conference Leader

Patricia Doma | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
Eight years ago, I unexpectedly received an email from a total stranger. Sort of. Her name was Laura Mayes, and while she and I were familiar with each others’ blogs, we’d never actually met or spoken in person. My family and I were returning to the United States after two...

The G Word: Creating More Connection When The Word "Group" Alarms You

Patricia Doma | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
Like many introverts, I am drawn to one-on-one conversations and wary of group activities. I’ve been known to hide during office birthday parties. At a friend’s book launch, I was so overwhelmed by the noise and bustle of 50 people in a bar that I bought the book, spent two...

Girls Are More At Risk For Female Genital Mutilation In Summer. Here's Who's Helping

Eleanor Goldberg | July 2, 2015 | Impact
There is nothing relaxing about summer if you’re a girl at risk for female genital mutilation. When school lets out, countries that still practice FGM increase the number of procedures they perform so that the girls have enough time to “heal” before vacation ends, CNN reported. And in...

Daily Meditation: The Art Of Giving

Antonia Blumberg | July 2, 2015 | Religion
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life. Today's meditation features a narrated passage from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet. "You give but little when...

Portrait of a Quiet Musician

Patricia Doma | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
Back when I was single and child-free, I was passionate about live music. Rarely a weekend passed without my visiting a smoky bar, listening to great rock, R&B, blues, or funk. I grew close with many local musicians; one in particular intrigued me. Leland was a gifted guitarist, and he...
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