5 Foods Guaranteed to Get Your Heart Racing (While Keeping Your Waistline in Check)

02/12/2012 10:49 am ET | Updated Apr 13, 2012

Love is in the air! Well, Valentine's Day is in the air, specifically. You know that holiday built around pink and red and conversation hearts? It's one of my favorites, but it can be a diet landmine. Although you'll thank your new boyfriend profusely for the enormous box of chocolates he gave you (who can resist that?) I definitely have some strategies to make this special day healthy, too.

I can't guarantee you a date on Feb. 14, but I can certainly help you stock up on foods of love. And rather, foods that will love you back (with nutrition, of course).

heather bauer

Whether you're single or attached at the hip, it doesn't matter! Enjoy these foods regardless of your relationship status and you'll feel a warm glow of love from within, without breaking the calorie bank.

Flickr photo by Lee McCoy