08/30/2013 07:36 am ET Updated Oct 30, 2013

Sticking to Your Diet on Your Last Summer Weekend Getaway

Summer's almost over -- but that doesn't mean you can't get away for one more weekend of fun in the sun and sand (or lake and mountains, as it may be). One of the things I see my clients struggle with the most is how to stick to a healthy diet when traveling. While it's definitely harder to resist giving in to cravings while you're on the road and out of your comfort zone, it's certainly not impossible to eat healthy while you're on the go. All it takes is a little bit of planning and a lot of mindfulness! Here's how I suggest structuring your diet for your last weekend away:

1. Make sure you've got healthy snacks to tide you over all weekend. Pack a cooler with sliced fruits and veggies, Greek yogurt and applesauce to keep in your car. If you're going to be in the sun, choose portable and melt-proof options like almonds, trail mix or roasted seaweed snacks.

2. Remember, Friday sets the tone for the weekend. Start it off right with a healthy and nutritious meal -- before you hit all that vacation traffic. Try something that consists of mainly veggies and protein, like a light stir-fry. Personally, I also love a turkey sandwich for the road. It's never more then 300 calories, especially if you use turkey, lettuce and tomato on wheat or rye. For those that want it low-carb, you can always do a gluten-free wrap or lettuce wrap, as well.

3. No matter where you travel, start your Saturday strong with a healthy breakfast. Save your carbs for the bread basket or dessert menu on Saturday night, don't use them all up at breakfast with the empty calories of pancakes or waffles. Options? Two hard-boiled or poached eggs, sliced tomatoes and fruit salad is one of my mainstays for a healthy filling breakfast. If you're hitting a hotel continental breakfast buffet, you can also opt for yogurt, fruit and a bowl of any high-fiber cereal. For something portable, a protein bar and a piece of fruit is great on the run!

4. Have a game plan for your Sunday night. We all get the lazy Sunday blues, but nothing makes Monday worse then a food coma on top of all that dreaded work catch-up. Instead of ordering a pizza or Chinese takeout, pop in a low-calorie organic frozen meal. Add a bag of steamed broccoli or string beans drizzled with oil and sea salt if you want to get in some additional fiber and nutrients (and fill your belly!) With this plan, you'll end up weighing the same on Sunday as you did on Friday.

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