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A Thanksgiving State Of Mind

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Most people say you can't put a price on going home for the holidays. I say, when you have two kids under two, you've just gone back to work, your husband has been traveling and your nanny has been on vacation for two weeks, you can't put a price on staying put. This year, instead of waiting in long lines at the airport, trying to keep the kids on their nap schedule and dealing with their in-flight tantrums, this Thanksgiving we will be taking in a leisurely weekend at the local park, the zoo, coloring construction paper turkeys and stealing some alone time while the babies snooze in the afternoon (we hope). I can't wait.

Part of being a "well mom" is finding ways to better manage my life so I'm not pulled in so many directions that I forget to savor what's happening right NOW. Breaking from the tradition of traveling for Thanksgiving will hopefully give us a chance to recharge and focus on what the holiday is really about: gratitude for the things that make our lives so full.

Of course, many fellow moms will be wrapped up in holiday festivities -- in-laws, dry stuffing, canceled flights and all. So this week, on my website, The Well Mom, we are encouraging moms to carve out some personal time. Whether you are hosting the dinner or traveling faraway to see family, taking a little bit of You-time is a constructive way to make the most of this weekend. Step back from the family frenzy - whether you are at home or away - and just breathe. You really don't have to go anywhere to indulge in your own Turkey Day Getaway. It's really just a state of mind.

The Well Mom Guide to a Turkey Day Getaway

1. Eat a high protein breakfast on the big day. You'll need energy whether you are hosting the feast or dining out. Treating yourself to a proper, nutritious breakfast in the morning will ensure you're not ravenous by the time the turkey is served.

2. Make time to exercise alone each day over the long weekend. Ask your partner, sister, mother-in-law, etc. to watch the little ones so you can go by yourself. Even if it is a short walk around the block, you'll feel like you've accomplished something for you.

3. Take some extra time in the bathroom. This may be one of your only moments alone each day. So indulge in a few extra minutes putting on your moisturizer or shaving your legs. You'll feel like a real person.

4. Hit the sack. Treat yourself to a little extra shut eye if you can. Getting enough sleep will make you much more pleasant to be around and will also help control the urge to snack on leftovers.

Learn more ways to take some time for you.

Be good to yourself this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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