04/05/2013 05:05 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2013

A Guide to Employee Outplacement Services: Best Practices (Infographic)

Want to be a star company? Focus on great employee outplacement services.

Employers discharge workers for a variety of reasons, from health issues and new career opportunities to poor performance and downsizing. Whatever the reason for the separation, employee outplacement has the potential to lead to a rocky relationship between past workers and employers. But great compensation can keep good feelings intact.

Everyone wins when employers ensure they aren't leaving former workers in the dust. Proper severance packages can help discharged workers get back on their feet, improving company reputation, and it sends a positive message to current workers.

The infographic below, compiled by CareerShift, a comprehensive job search and career management solution, outlines exactly what employers need to consider when compiling employee severance packages. A few key points:

  • 73% of companies provide employee outplacement services in some form
  • 56% of companies put a cap on the amount of outplacement services provided
  • Larger organizations typically offer more formalized severance packages
  • Relocation assistance, additional skills training, job search software, and upcoming career fair information can help former workers get back on their feet

For more ways employers can ensure their outplacements services are up to par, check out the full infographic below.


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