Mel Gibson: 3D or Just HD, the Picture Is the Same

07/19/2010 06:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Dr. Hendrie Weisinger Psychologist, consultant, speaker, author of Performing Under Pressure: The Science Of Doing Your Best When It Maters Most (Crown 2015)

I am happy to report that I just got the new 3D Samsung Television set. It is an outstanding picture. The set comes with a pair of 3D glasses, and naturally, I had to get the Samsung 3D Blue Ray DVD player. My sound system stayed the same. The important point, however, is whether you watch in 3D or are still part of the old HD crowd, Mel Gibson probably looks the same.

Since I never met Mel Gibson, it would be completely irresponsible for me to offer any psychological diagnosis pertaining to his behavior. Years and years of experience has told me that how we perceive a person through the media is very different than how they operate when no cameras are around. We all know this to be true.

On the other hand, it is often say that a picture is worth a thousand words, or the Hollywood version, a film is worth a 30 second pitch. Right now, it is obvious to all that for Mel, 2010 is The Year of Living Dangerously.

You might think of Mel as a Patriot and maybe he is but I'd say from hearing the tapes, Mel is also a Mad Max so an anger management class might be helpful. You might ask, "What is he angry about?" I don't know. His movies usually do pretty well so my best guess is that he is angry that he will not be Forever Young.

Regardless of the reason, my fear is that if his anger is not checked, he could act out and become a Lethal Weapon four times over.

The way he screams bothers me. I realize he has The Passion of Christ, but for sure, the yelling and abusive language is not What Women Want. Why does he engage in such behavior? Again, I don't know; perhaps it is some type of Payback.

The content of the tapes is worrisome. In my clinical internship, I heard a lot of patients make similar comments. Many of them were paranoid, and Mel once did mention a Conspiracy.

Sometimes, a person like Mel is best treated by making a long term commitment. Maybe it would be a good idea for him to sail into the sunset to a place like Tahiti. He could take The Bounty and do some soul searching.

Mel Gibson has a lot of movie fans. I know they want him to be a Braveheart and owe up to his behavior. We all know that this is difficult and requires the strength. He will have to use some visualization skills so he can see himself as The Cold Warrior -- nobody else did.

When all is said in done, The Big Question is whether or not Mel can come back from The Edge of Darkness. That is going to be a tough task.

Yet, he can do it if he can pull an Apocalypto -- run fast, evade your enemies, and keep your mouth shut.

As the most interesting psychologist in the world, enjoy movies, my friend.