"The Economist Is Like Coffee Made With Cat Poop"

05/25/2011 01:15 pm ET

Nick Carlson at Silicon Alley Insider offers one theory on why The Economist is soaring while Time and Newsweek and other similar magazines crater:

Vanity Fair's Matt Pressman says there are four reasons "Time and Newsweek will never be the Economist."

These include:

* There aren't that many readers up for grabs
* They can't win over the finance crowd
* They don't understand what The Economist is

The best reason Matt comes up with, is that those magazines "they can't match the snob appeal"of the Economist:

"The Economist is like that exotic coffee that comes from beans that have been eaten and shat out undigested by an Indonesian civet cat, and Time and Newsweek are like Starbucks -- millions of people enjoy them, but it's not a point of pride."

He's onto something there.