Tim Geithner Needs To Answer For AIG

04/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Of all the outrages and abuses of the past six months, AIG takes the cake. After swallowing $170+ billion of taxpayer money since September, the company was still threatening the country with economic ruin last week if it wasn't allowed to pay $165 million of bonuses to the executives that blew up the company.

As Americans recover from the shock and disgust of this latest revelation, they will justifiably ask who got us into this mess. The answer, in part, is the same man who has yet to come up with a coherent plan to get us out of it: Tim Geithner.

On that fateful weekend in September, in which Lehman was allowed to fail and AIG suddenly realized it was about to go bankrupt, Tim Geithner had a seat at both tables. He reportedly was the major architect of the original loan to AIG, the one that has since ballooned into $170 billion.

Six months after the US set a course to get screwed six ways to Sunday by AIG, we still don't know what the final tab is going to be. All we know is the news gets more sickening every week. It's time Tim Geithner answered for his role in designing the original AIG bailout.

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