06/29/2007 04:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Teeing Off : Trust No One

Courtesy of The Henry Rollins Show

I cannot tell you how hard it is for me NOT to trust people. If you say you can do it, I believe you and will leave you to it. You got it covered? That's great, one less thing for me to worry about. I thought I couldn't go through life in that Michael Corleone-Nixon-Stalin mindset . . . but now I see that I have to. Just when I thought I could lose a healthy amount of my cynicism, and give people the benefit of the doubt, they--pull--me--back--in. Long before I recently witnessed Dick Cheney remove Wolf Blitzer's balls and feed them to him, I had given up on cable news for its overall lack of balls. Newspapers? Two words: Judith Miller. Credit card companies want me to go broke, stay broke and make money off my debt, the pharmaceutical companies are spending a lot of their time making pills that cure ills you didn't even know you had and doing whatever they can to further weaken your immune system so you can get sicker quicker harder better long time. Look yourself up on Wikipedia and find all the misinformation inputted on your behalf, some injured veterans found out that it's safer to be in Iraq than in outpatient care at Walter Reed. Many breakthrough health and weight loss programs seem to contradict breakthroughs pitched the previous year, the internet is now the gateway for no warrant government surveillance, the Middle East now the cash siphon for no bid contracts, and election results--don't get me started. Lackeys, Lobbyists, Loyalists, Legislators, Priests, Pastors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Proselytizers, Globalizers, Think Tankers, World Bankers, Electric Car Killers, Oil Drillers, Intelligent Designers, Climate Change Maligners, Blowhard Neocons and their dittoheaded minions to talk show hosts with their fucked up opinions--Folks, none of them are to be trusted.

-- Henry Rollins