02/17/2014 04:01 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2014

10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President

Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States. The campaign has begun as the darts are being thrown. It doesn't matter. She will win the race. It will be historic for more reasons than one. She has paid her dues as a political candidate, as a wife and as a woman. She is ready to step up and take her seat. She is qualified beyond qualifications no matter how you observe.
  • Hillary will win the election of 2016 for a very basic simple reason. The Republicans don't have a viable candidate and probably won't.
  • The Hillary Papers have been released. The confidential memo has been released. Her best friend, Diana Blair, a political science professor who died in 2000, has revealed the former first lady's feelings on her husband Bill Clinton's affair. What is clear is that Hillary decided to stay with her cheating husband. Her decision. Hillary's eye is on the prize and the prize was not Mr. Clinton's "narcissistic loony toon." How many women at one time or another, have turned their heads on their cheating men. Her stock went up. Some women will vote for Hillary for this single decision. And some men will vote for Hillary because of this decision. Who divorces the President of the United States? Nobody. They are a power couple for real.
  • Hillary should not and cannot take blame for Bill's poor judgments. This will backfire on the Republicans. His sexual infidelities were his very own, and Hillary can't take on Bill's womanizing. It should not come up as a campaign issue. Hillary has to be judged exclusively on her own merit, not as a woman but most of all as a politician. Hillary will make history, as the first woman President of the United States. Her problem then, will be what to do with "First Husband."
  • The Clintons are the ultimate Power Couple. Bill and Hillary are real political players. She didn't just wake up and say I am going to run for The White House. And Bill didn't just happen. They have been a deliberate couple playing the political game of power since college. Bill wouldn't have made it to the White House without her and Hillary won't make it to the White House without Bill. A power couple they are, maybe the best we have ever seen. History will compare them with Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • Hillary is ruthless. They will write it and perhaps they will prove it. It is the usual attack on women as they climb the corporate ladder. Politics is not for the faint of heart or little Bo Peep or Cinderella or whiney women. Ruthless women translates to she can keep up with the guys and perhaps beat them at their own game.
  • Hillary learned valuable lessons from the 2008 election. She learned who her friends are. The Clintons might have felt self assured and that they had paid their dues, the unknown novice political one who didn't have a chance, named Barack Obama came out of left field and won. What happened to friendship and loyalty? It disappeared and a valuable lesson was learned. Don't take anything for granted as you move up the ladder. This attitude and experience will serve Mrs. Clinton well in 2016. She will make new friends and disregard old ones. It's about winning, if you please.
  • The new book, HRC by Jonathan Allen and Arnie Parnes reveals Hillary has been running for The Presidency since she became Secretary of State. True. She is not a quitter or a loser. The lesson is , you learn from your mistakes, pick up and move on. Her eye have never been removed the White House Prize.
  • The health bill has passed. Obama got it through, Hillary will tweak it and make it right. The heavy lifting is complete.
  • Hillary is a smart politician. When you look at her singularly on her merit she is ready and able to step into the hot seat. She is prepared. She brings skill, wisdom, experience and a unique view of the White House to the table. She has been First Lady, She has been Secretary of State. She has served in the United States Senate. She has been up close and personal. No other candidate can make the claim. She has not political peer.
  • America is ready for the leadership of a Hillary Clinton. A new history will be made when she becomes the leader of the free world. The world of women everywhere will change. America is ready for Hillary as President and Hillary is ready to be President, like no other.