2009 Celebrity Wish List

05/25/2011 02:55 pm ET
  • Hermene Hartman President, Hartman Publishing Group, Inc.; President, N'DIGO Foundation

Ho Ho Ho! Every year around this time I present our Christmas wishes to the year's notables. Sometimes Santa delivers, sometimes he misses the mark. These wishes are in the name of fun and hope you enjoy the sentiments.

So, if I had my way, this is what these dear ones would receive under the tree. Enjoy!

Oprah Winfrey An N'DIGO Cover
Mayor Daley Every parking ticket available
Wendy Williams A makeover
Mo'Nique An Academy Award
Susan Boyle A Grammy Award
John Legend Carnegie Hall
President Obama Long-term memory
Michelle Obama A portfolio of Black fashion designers
Jay Leno Higher ratings
Whitney Houston A hit
Rev. Jesse Jackson A Twitter profile
Wanda Sykes A nightly show
Rev. James Meeks An education reform bill
Bill Cosby A sweater company
Rosie O'Donnell A wife
Steve Harvey A new book: How to Be A Player, dedicated to Tiger Woods.
Mrs. Tiger Woods Michael Vick
Michael Vick A pet shop
Halle Berry A new movie
Rev. Jeremiah Wright A White House lecture series
Beyonce & Jay-Z A bouncing little one
Ellen DeGeneres Stepping lessons
Gov. Quinn A win
Cheryle Jackson Victory
Brooke Shields Happy pills
Britney Spears Manners
Kanye West Emily's Post book on Etiquette
Frankie Beverly A New CD
Chris Gardner Love and happiness
Jerry Butler President of the Cook County Board
Mike Tyson The Barry White Collection
Stedman Graham A wife
Sarah Palin A muzzle
Martha Stewart A new kitchen
Flavor Flav Vanilla
Sammy Sosa Black face
Joe Jackson A new hat and MJ income
Tyler Perry A Spike Lee collaboration
Robin Roberts Excellent health
Penelope Cruz A breakout role
Mary J. Blige Happiness
Michael Jordan The Majestic Casino
Puffy The Sinatra Collection
Black male teens Longevity
Roland Martin A Dancing with the Stars debut
Newspapers A lifeline
Rickey Hendon A New York Times bestseller
Gayle King A date
Jennifer Hudson A wedding gown
Whoopi Goldberg A Valentino gown


Tiger Woods