Steve Jobs: A Study on Entrepreneurship

10/07/2011 12:22 pm 12:22:51 | Updated Dec 07, 2011

Steve Jobs lived a great life and taught a lot of lessons along the way. America has lost a genius. Besides Apple, what I like most about him is that he was an entrepreneur in the truest since of the word. He did not follow a traditional path, he adapted along the way to fit his situation. He started his business in his family's garage with $1200 and his high school buddy. The young men grew it to be one of the largest in the country. He left the company and he came back. He learned. I wonder what his first business plan predicted. I also wonder if he could get a loan today for the start up.

He is the essence of innovation. His niche technology changed the world. He was an out of the box thinker as he created desktop computers, to phones to iPods and iPads that no one knew about. He changed the music industry. He changed the way we read books. He thought about the average consumer. He presented new "things" uniquely. The new has become a part of our culture, to the point you now wonder what you would do without. Who would have thought of games, photos, music and news on the phone in your pocket? No more phonebooks and CD's.

He dropped out of college, proving that you don't always have to be degreed to do well. He broke tradition, which I love and marvel at. He did it his way. His legacy is rich. He was a true visionary. He saw it differently. He was a micro-manager, attending to the detail to make it right. His products were simple and beautiful. He made complicated, simple and accessible for all of us to use.

I still have the first Apple computer and refuse to toss it. His marketing was model. His branding was perfect. His stores are modern classics with the best customer/teacher service. He was a leader, who will be studied in B. schools for years to come. He showed what one dedicated life could do. He made an impact. He was the real thing. He was the best and we will miss him and gladly we had him just like he was.