Alex Casertano's American Sportswear Should Meet My Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

09/09/2010 06:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

To begin my Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2010 spectacular, I decided to divert my travels all the way to Chelsea to see the work of Alex Casertano, a designer you've probably not heard of. I hadn't either until several weeks ago, when those in the know started heralding Casertano as a talent to watch. So I did, and I enjoyed what I saw. Even to the untrained eye some of Casertano's influences were noticeable... or perhaps I just have a conditioned reflex to mutter "Prada" whenever I see an exposed bra under an open, deep-V blouse. He did once say he designs for his girlfriend. At any rate, I found a handful of pieces from Casertano's "American Sportswear" collection that I'd love to introduce to my admittedly non-sporty wardrobe. Take a look at some photos I managed to snap over the crowd:


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