Three Things to Do One Time in NYC, As a New Yorker

04/18/2013 03:21 pm ET | Updated Jun 18, 2013

New York isn't for the faint at heart (and The Fhitting Room on the Upper East Side is certainly not for the faint). Still, being courageous has nothing to do with going back for more.

Although many city experiences (good and bad) are one-of-a-kind, there are a handful I refuse to experience more than once. It's not because they were unfortunate events or linked to unpleasant memories. They are merely bucket list items that city dwellers should mark off their to do lists for the sake of saying 'Yeah. I did that...' with no need to revisit.

3. Eat a Magnolia Cupcake

Sex & The City made the buttery Bleeker Street bakery into a bustling destination and must-have for tourists with tempted taste buds. Because I don't discriminate against any type of sweets (specifically Sugarfina treats), I can't dislike Magnolia's vanilla cupcakes. I do, however, think other dessert destinations deserve a visit (or two). Baked By Melissa's bite sized cupcakes (a little less filling), Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. (a little healthier) and BurgerFi's frozen custard (a little more addictive), are sure ways to satisfy a sweet tooth and skip the lines of TV fandom in a city of sinful sweeteries.

2. Watch the Macy's Day Parade in Person

I love Thanksgiving because eating is my favorite thing to do (second to sleeping). I like balloons, too. Although I would suggest seeing the Thanksgiving Day parade balloons blown up the night before (in Central Park), I must warn: be cautious of children and strollers at the ankles! Viewing the parade from a building may be best (I wouldn't know personally). I've only admired the inflated animals from an Upper West Side street. The event itself is fun (and cold, clearly. It's late November). If you are close to the action, spotting celebs on floats is simple. Further away, the floating fictional faces are more familiar (compared to looking up from below). It's a festive and happy event in person, but missing the performances and (occasionally silly) broadcast commentary, for me, completes the occasion. See it once, and next year sleep in (a little) to catch it on TV.

1. Times Square on New Years Eve

This night of booze and a ball was such a magical moment; I had to do it twice (2011 and 2013) -- granted, the second time, I was inside and warm (thank you, MTV). Huddling next to strangers from mid-afternoon to midnight may be a fun time for some friendly folks, but unless your willing to embark on a marathon of standing (cue comfortable shoes...) or sitting on the dirty city streets in testy temperatures, without entertainment (if further than a few blocks from 42nd Street), the practice is anything but a party. Watching the ball drop to ring in a brand new 365 days ahead is an American tradition, but from the streets of Times Square, it can be tortuous. Once barricaded into sections, cops control the crowds: they will let you out of your pigpen but not back in (ie: no food or restroom runs).

What are things you've done once as a New Yorker and pledge to never do again?