A Breath of Fresh Air

02/17/2009 04:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


CO2 skyscrapers - "air freshener" of our cities? Maybe! The idea is that CO2 skyscrapers will be wrapped in 200 to 400 trees, taking in CO2 and churning out oxygen. These building would rely on windmill-power to decrease the strain on energy.

Imagine walking the streets of New York. Most are familiar with the crowded sidewalks, pushy cabs, intrusive smells, and the skyscrapers...

The skyscrapers in New York have become part of the scenery, and have blended into the horizon. Woody Allen, along with others, may argue that these skyscrapers prop up NYC. When the Twin Towers came crashing down, Americans mourned as we digested our targeted economic icons. I think it's safe to say that architecture plays a big role in society.


Adding CO2 skyscrapers to the mix might be just what we need. Think about it: what if instead of constructing a new high-rise, we built a CO2 skyscraper. Not only would the building filter the surrounding air, but it would also send out a clear environmental message, that architecture can be part of the solution, helping to balance human society and natural ecology.

Until buildings start breathing out fresh oxygen, the next best thing a Creative Citizen can do is plant a tree.

-Eco Warrior

First posted on Creative Citizen Blog.