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Healthy Reading

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Just finished The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell. I was originally turned on to the book by Michael Besancon, VP of Whole Foods. Beseancon explained that this book not only changed his life but helped shape his work at Whole Foods.

The China Study compares and contrasts general diet trends in China vs. America. According to the research, American diets include about 15% to 25% more animal-based protein. Campbell and Campbell, along with other notable scientists, found startling correlations between animal-based proteins and diseases -- such as heart disease, common cancers, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disease... (and the list goes on). Through their book, Campbell and Campbell claim that the American perspective on diet is distorted and ultimately unhealthy. The China Study is a comprehensive and fascinating book on modern health.

While the book goes into heavy scientific description, the material is digestible (no pun intended). The book includes a guide to "good nutrition", which covers what types of food to eat and how to eat.

In my opinion, a must-read.

-Eco Warrior