01/22/2009 07:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Perf Go Green Builds an Earth Dome for the Go Green Expo

I was hired by Perf Go Green as the Green Advisor this weekend during the Go Green Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Earth Dome is an enormous structure that uses live music, video and environmentally conscience space to educate about the environment. The Earth Dome creates a secured and intiamte space to join other people in celebrating and bring awareness to the earth. After a brief stop in LA, the Earth Dome will continue to travel around the US stopping at events such as, the Super Bowl, film festivals, music festivals, fashion shows...etc.

To give you a little background on Perf Go Green- they developed a biodegradable trash bag made from recycled plastics that are treated with an oxo-biodegradable proprietary application. Perf Go Green claim their bags completely break down in a landfill environment within 2 years leaving no residue or harmful toxins and have a shelf life of 2 years.

Perf Go Green is one of the main sponsors of the Go Green Expo. During the Expo, Perf Go Green will showcase their Earth Dome. From the outside, the Earth Dome looks much like a white bubble emerging from the ground. Dome Guys, creator of the dome, explain that the various types of shelter found in nature inspire the dome structure.

Inside the dome, expo-goers will walk across artificial grass, "planted" by AGL. Using artificial grass conserves water and energy. To put this into perspective, AGL saved Americans 250 million gallons of water and used 73.5 million recycled car tires last year.

All tables, plaques and signs were created and built by AoSA and Jenda Designs with the intension of no waste left over. In an interview with Jenda, he explains:

"Looks can be deceiving. They may not look related, but the display easels at the entrance and the tables in the dome are actually direct byproducts of each other. The easels' form was tuned to maximize the yield per sheet of FSC certified plywood, and precisely cut out with a CNC router. What few scraps there were then became one of the Perf Go Green display tables, bringing the yield per plywood sheet to nearly 100%. The other two large tables are made of the underlayment sheets required by the CNC machine, diverting them directly from the dumpster. Between the three designs, the waste from one process becomes another's material. Cumulatively, they have redirected more than 400 pounds of wood and 150 square feet of misprinted carpet from the waste steam!"

Not only are their products eco-friendly, but they are beautiful works of art.

The Earth Dome will host shows inside the dome including live music, a video presentation, and an environmental call to action. The music will be played on one-of-a-kind instruments, including the largest hard in the world. William Close said that when building the harp, he was inspired by the patterns and sounds in nature. Much like the harp, Close believes it is crucial we keep the Earth in tune. The video and call to action is dramatic and encouraging.

Entering the Earth Dome is multi-media experince that convey environmeantal awareness and encourages people to adopt environmentally freindly practices into their lives. For those of you who cannot visit the Earth Dome at the Go Green Expo in LA, keep a look out for a traveling white bubble.

What would your call to action for the environment say?