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Hillary Quinn

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ABC'S 20/20 -- A Bad Cut

(12) Comments | Posted May 13, 2013 | 11:07 AM

When TV "investigative journalism" is done well, the public becomes educated, important issues receive attention... and someone wins an Emmy award. When it's done poorly, it seems, the story could end up on ABC's weekly news program, 20/20.

Which is precisely what happened on May 3rd, when the network...

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The Top 10 Beauty Products Every Bride Needs...Now!

(0) Comments | Posted April 15, 2013 | 5:46 PM

From the very best (surprise: cheapest!) primer, to a celebrity-fave powder, to a gel nail polish that goes on and stays on, this is the stuff that you've got to snag for your Big Day bag.

Confession: It takes a lot for a product to impress me these days. And...

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Bridesmaids: A Training Manual

(49) Comments | Posted November 28, 2011 | 2:22 AM

Is there anyone out there besides me who's feeling a little sorry for the Bridezilla these days? This oft-maligned monster-in-white -- with actual TV shows dedicated to her outrageous behavior -- has been getting a bad rap of late, and might as well be taking Frankenstein as her new last...

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10 Ways To Fix Your Wedding Before Things Go Wrong

(3) Comments | Posted October 17, 2011 | 10:25 PM

I was thumbing through the pages of a magazine featuring Kim Kardashian's wedding recently (like a traffic accident, I just had to look), thinking to myself, "I wonder what went wrong that day?" You might be under the impression that the 10 million it reportedly cost to throw her nuptials...

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