03/25/2009 05:56 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

What Are YOU Working On? Part 1

The other day I was asked by one of my clients, "So, what are you working on?" I took in a deep breath and replied to her, "Me."

She nodded, then smiled and said knowing who I am, "Of course you are doing that, but what else are you working on?" She wanted to know what sort of project I was working on in my business and then asked again, wanting more information, "Really, now tell me what are you working on!"

And I said again with a broad smile, "Myself, my work is always on myself no matter what project I am involved in."

I noticed she wanted more but there really wasn't more to it. Why is it when we are honest with people they seem to be dissatisfied? I think this is why people make things up as the truth sometimes can be bit bland.

As my day progressed I thought more about her question and my answer. Then what came up for me was that most of us are totally ignorant of the opportunities for self-growth that we encounter at work, in our marriages, relationships and most importantly with our health issues. At this point in my life I am creating a business and every day have to make tough decisions and work with people that at times can be challenging and in turn I tend to be the most challenging of them all. This is where I know that every moment is a moment we can be working on our growth and development. With every phone call, meeting, decision and even signing contracts there is a wonderful opportunity being offered to soften the jagged edges that seem to come up all the time in order to show us where the work is needed to be done.

I kept diving deeper into this question "What are you working on" and it brought me back to the doctors office where I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. However they were only 99% sure that is was MS but with a spinal tap they could be 100% sure. Immediately without hesitation, I roared NO to the doctor as if 1% would really make a difference. Just the thought of the needle jammed into my spine and the pain I would experience was not worth 1% of anything. What was I going to gain other then to add to my life another tragic experience which I already had plenty. For me on this day, I was working on finding my power but unaware of it. This was one of my first paradigm shifts as my life was never the same from that day on. Today, I am able to clearly see that by my standing up for myself by saying NO to the spinal tap made more of an impact than the diagnosis by itself.

I will admit that there was some relief in my being diagnosed after months of "symptoms" that soon were going to open the door to my personal growth. Slowly this moment of power slipped to the side and I began to seek out who I could blame outside of myself. I began to point a finger to this or that and then saw that there were three fingers pointing back at me - Ouch! The work had begun and many lessons were about to emerge. The diagnosis of MS was my "wake up call" to see what really had to be worked on - Me!

Action steps:
1. List an area of your life you are having a challenge with. This could be at work, in your marriage, your health, or a relationship.

Are you pointing your fingers outside to blame for this situation wanting to blame someone or something?

2. Now, take a moment to sit quietly with your eyes closed and ask aloud what can I learn from this specific challenge. Say aloud what you answered in the first question.

3. What ever comes up from the second action step write it down and see how you can begin to work on this part of yourself.

Perhaps its patience, self love or forgiveness within this there is a paradigm shift waiting to happen. Trust it!

Hillary Rubin is a motivated expert in the health and wellness industry for years, teaching yoga and lecturing on a range of topics dealing with empowering modalities for optimal health. She has been featured on Fit TV,,, LA Yoga, Yoga Mates, Conscious Choice Magazine, Yoga Peeps, and

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