03/16/2015 02:18 pm ET | Updated May 16, 2015

Spring Break Travel Guide

-- Liz Santos, Hipmunk

Spring Break only happens once a year, so make it count.

Check out the slideshow for our list of the most searched for destinations on Hipmunk during peak Spring Break season from February through April. We've ranked the destinations by their HipScore. The more nuts, the more we're nuts about the hotspot.

Looking for other Spring Break deals and tips? Take a look at the list below or visit Hipmunk's 2015 Spring Break Travel Guide

Top Spring Break Destinations

Flight Deal Destinations
Save on getting there and staying there with these destinations and you'll have cash left over for essentials like the perfect bikini.

  • Myrtle Beach -$280
  • Las Vegas -$327
  • Ft Lauderdale -$331
  • Los Angeles -$339
  • Miami -$361
*average RT airfare under $400 during Spring Break season

Hotel Deal Destinations

  • Las Vegas -$150
  • San Juan, PR -$153
  • Los Angeles -$179
  • Ft Lauderdale -$205
*based on average nightly room rate during Spring Break season

Flight Splurge Destinations
Fancy something exotic? These destinations will cost you more to get there, but they're worth the splurge.

  • Key West -$607
  • Cancun -$548
  • Punta Cana -$530
  • Costa Rica -$653
  • Puerto Vallarta -$556
*average RT airfare more than $500 during Spring Break season

Family Friendly Tips

  • Myrtle Beach is a steal with average Spring Break RT airfares less than $300
  • Los Angeles is unseasonably hot this Spring so you get the tropical heat for the cost of a domestic airfare. The city is big enough that families can avoid the party scene and Disneyland is only a short drive away.
  • Not sure if your spring destination is family friendly? Use Hipmunk's Heatmaps feature to see what neighborhoods have the highest concentration of nightlife and "vice," then stay at a hotel way out of that range.

How can Hipmunk help? We've got features that make Spring Break planning easier. You can tweet us questions and share photos from your Spring Break trips: @TheHipmunk #HipBreak