05/28/2015 08:03 pm ET | Updated May 27, 2016

Travel Smackdown Vol. 2: iPhone vs. Android

-Fiona Moriarty, Hipmunk

Do Android users relax more than iPhone users? Are iPhone enthusiasts prone to planning while Androidists take the laissez-faire attitude to their vacations? Given that we use our phones to order food, find a dog walker and even monitor the number of times our right foot makes contact with the ground on any given day, we wondered if our smartphone would say something about how we travel as well. And it did. Here's the Hipmunk Travel Smackdown Vol. 2: iPhone vs Android. You'll find more fun stats after the break.


Apple Folks Take it Easy, As Long as they Plan For it

iPhone users get away more often than our Android friends. Eighteen percent of iPhone users take 5-10 vacations a year compared to 12 percent of Androidists. And you can count on the Apple lovers to plan in advance with 76 percent of iPhone users planning ahead by a few months compared to 69 percent of Android users.

Droids Hoof It

When it comes to exploring the city, the droids are more likely to be found on foot. Thrity-seven percent say walking tours are a preferred activity compared to 28 percent of iPhone users. It comes as no surprise then that 19 percent of our Android users are likely to schlep to the airport via public transportation as opposed to 13 percent of iPhone users.

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