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Hoda Osman
Hoda Osman is a NY-based reporter. She is the President of the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalist Association (AMEJA) and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Hoda is the correspondent for France 24. She also works as journalism trainer with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). She previously worked at ABC News, CBS News and as special correspondent for PBS.

Blog Entries by Hoda Osman

Meet Egypt's Revolutionaries... in NYC

Posted April 29, 2011 | 18:00:48 (EST)

What a great week! Well, at least for an Egyptian living in New York. Several young Egyptian activists who helped plan the protests and were prominent participants in the revolution that toppled the 30-year-regime of former President Hosni Mubarak were here this week.

It started off on Monday with...

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