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Weeds , Episode 8 Recap

(Warning: This article contains spoilers!)

Nancy wakes from a post-partum hospital room snooze to find Pilar, Esteban's political advisor and who knows what all else, cooing over the baby in his crib. In perfect English, Pilar tells Nancy that she's never had children because they are extraordinarily inconvenient. "This little milkball was a mistake -- a mistake that will end the career of a very promising politician. I am here to correct that mistake."

Shortly afterwards Esteban comes to take Nancy home. When he refuses to put his name on the birth certificate, choosing to leave it blank for the time being ("until after the election"), Nancy finally sees the light and tells him to butt out because her family is taking her home. Prior to leaving the hospital room, she scribbles a name down on the birth certificate for the nurse. Later we find out it is the name of her one constant champion and defender. You know who I'm talkin' about.

Meanwhile, the force of nature that is known as Celia attempts to confront Raylene of You're Pretty! Cosmetics and return the goods. "I cannot sell makeup when civilization is collapsing." Raylene won't hear of it. She advises Celia that she's selling a lifestyle and a dream -- not merely lipstick and blush -- and besides, she signed a contract for a year and she'll sue Celia's ass if she reneges.

Nancy returns home to the house in Ren Mar with the baby. Silas and Shane view their new brother with some interest as he sits like a tiny placid faced Buddha in the baby carrier while Nancy goes off to take a much needed shower. She goes upstairs to find that her bedroom has been Andy-ized and he's sprawling on a big round bed with a red coverlet, smoking a waterpipe and reading. He's a little confused because the hospital called him a few minutes ago to tell him about their new father classes.

At first Andy rejects the notion outright of having his name on the birth certificate since Esteban won't sign until it suits him (which is probably on the twelfth of never, with his political aspirations). "I'm through playing baby daddy to your kids." But after a hilarious date with Dr. Alanis Morissette where she firmly puts him in his place, he turns over a completely new leaf.

By the way, the date sequence with Andy and Alanis (obviously not her name on the show, but I can't resist) is just delicious. After finding out he's now the dad-in-name on the newest Botwin's birth certificate, he's shaved and cleaned up a bit and shows up at the Women's Clinic to see if he can score with Dr. A (dinner first, of course). He takes her in the General Lee car to one of those grossly fake Mexican places; serapes on the tabletops, waitresses skimpily attired with gun belts holding tequila bottles. Alanis cuts to the chase and informs him she'd rather be home in her pj's watching DVD's. (Let's hope she does more acting roles -- she's terrific).

Andy: What's wrong?
Alanis: Nutshell? I'm past you.
Andy: Past me in what?
Alanis: In life.

After this crushing experience, Andy returns home a new man, ready to shoulder the responsibilities of being a dad. Only as usual with Andy, there are no half measures. Either he's fully involved or not at all. His first demand: a bris. The baby's foreskin must be removed by a moyel, at a bris, and whitefish served with bagels. Otherwise, no dice. Of course Nancy gives in to this. She's finally coming to terms with the fact that Andy is her angel, like it or not.

The 420 Moment this week is rather painful and pertains to Doug as usual. Silas and Doug appeal to Dean Hodes to get a court order so they can get their pot back from the authorities. Dean will only do so if he can do something very painful to Doug's manhood. Doug, being Doug and completely fucked up on good pot, agrees. His yells can be heard throughout the building.

After the pot has been rescued and is in Dean's office, and he's sipping away on a waterpipe enjoying his payment for helping Silas and Doug, Celia comes in to ask him to look over the You're Pretty! contract and see if she can get out of it. The agreement appears to be ironclad, but then an idea occurs to her. What if she instead packs the cosmetics full of marijuana and sells those instead of lipstick et al? What if she makes it look like Dean was robbed of all the pot? In a surprising twist, she and Dean become partners again after she explains the logic of her plan to him.

The bris takes place one sunny day in Nancy's living room with friends and relatives looking on, plus the ten random Jewish guys the rabbi has brought with him to make a minyan. Snip snip, and then the noshing ensues. Andy's in his element -- finally -- holding the baby tenderly, in a nice white shirt and tie, looking very dad-like. And then of course Esteban storms in.

"My son is not Jewish. This is unacceptable!" he tells Nancy, who tells him in no uncertain terms that he had his chance and didn't have the courage to claim the child as his own, so time's up. Esteban is boiling mad that "that pendejo" has his name on the birth certificate. "That pendejo sticks around. He fights for what he loves. And he's not a coward," Nancy tells Esteban, who turns tail and leaves. For now.

Welcome home Nancy Botwin -- all is forgiven! Until next week at least. My vote? Best episode so far this season. What do you think?

Weeds can be seen on Showtime Monday nights at 10pm.

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