05/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rubbernecking: Ten More Reality Shows I'd Like to See

Barney's World - in which the former First Terrier reports on his new life in the North Dallas neighborhood his family moved to after their very public last eight years at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Episode 1: Barney secretly starts a twitter account and fills us in on his day electronically. Walkies with Dad; he now carries plastic bags. What's wrong with this picture?

America's Got Cojones - in which a bunch of faux Jersey mob guys compete to see who is the toughest in a series of challenges straight out of The Sopranos. Challenges include things like boat trips where one of the contestants does not return to shore.

Queen for a Day - in which super-straight, uptight ex-bankers must transform themselves into hot trannies and walk the runway for Tim Gunn, who tells them whether or not they made it work. Among the prizes the winner receives is a beautiful home in the Castro district of San Francisco.

Joe The Plumber Swap - in which JTP plants himself in the home and hearth of different families all over the country for a week at a time, watching sports on TV and drinking beer. The families range from gothic punkers in a suburb of Boston to a genteel lesbian couple in Savannah, Georgia to a single dad raising three youngsters in Columbus, Ohio. First episode: Joe attends a seder with a family of conservative Jews.

Tweet Compete - in which contestants compete to see who can tweet the fastest while they perform typical reality show tasks like eating bull penises, jumping off tall buildings, climbing mountains, baking cookies. Each week, immunity is achieved by the contestant who posts the most tweets about the experience.

Genius Bar Fly - in which we follow the adventures of ten people who switched recently from PC's to Mac; we observe their frustration as they try to conform to their new system; the show centers around their frequent visits to Apple's Genius Bar.

Google McDougal - in which we scope the day to day life of Frank McDougal, a software engineer at Google's Mountain View, Ca. headquarters. Very cinema verite; from the moment Frank wakes up in the morning to the moment he nods off on the couch watching Lost at night.

Scraping the Toilet Bowl of Fame - in which contestants from VH1's I Love Money and I Love Money 2 (made up of losers from previous reality shows on the channel) compete in teams to clean the most disgusting bathrooms ever seen on national TV.

Bookface - in which ten Facebook addicts are locked down in a house together with no computers. We watch as they slowly learn how to relate to people in the flesh instead of through a computer screen. This one might take more than a mere 13 episodes.

Arctic Ice Melt - in which cameras are positioned at the Arctic Ice Shelf and we watch the steady erosion of the ice in real time. Talk about a reality show.

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