Do You Keep Your Word?

06/16/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I was asked to do something recently for someone, and she was truly surprised that I did it, and that I did it well. This shocked me, her surprise, because I had given her my word that I would follow through and do my absolute best. I said I would do it, so of course I did it! And anything worth doing is worth doing well... so why wouldn't I do my best? That got me to thinking about keeping our word. I find that in L.A., unfortunately, most people flake on what they say they are going to do. There is lots of talk here. I'm sure in the moment people mean what they say, and they believe they will follow through on it. But then "life" comes up, excuses come up, doubts come up...

So, yes, I find myself pretty much expecting people to flake... on meetings, on lunch, on a date, on something they said they would do, and sometimes even on their sessions with me. Like the woman who I spoke of earlier who was surprised that I followed through, I too am often actually surprised when someone follows through!! But this isn't normal. If someone gives their word, we should believe it, right?? So why don't I? That question made me take a look at myself. Why do I expect people to flake and not keep their word? Is it perhaps because somewhere I'm not keeping my word? I realized that, yes indeed, I had not been keeping my word to myself. In looking at this, I saw that I was making commitments to myself to do all sorts of things, big and small, like go to yoga 4 times a week, or meet a friend for coffee, or write one blog every day, or start a new project... but I don't always follow through. I have some sort of excuse, like I'm too tired, or too busy, or have other priorities. So I have decided to make a choice to keep commitments to myself and others no matter what. Even when I'm tired, even when I don't want to, even when other things come up, I do what I say I'm going to do. For one thing, this makes me a lot more conscious of my word. I think more before I speak and promise something. Because if I commit to something now, I have to do it. It has become very important to me to keep my word. Integrity in keeping my word to myself and to others has become a driving factor in my life. Following through on my word feels very empowering , and this feeling of confidence carries over into all aspects of my life.

Where are you not keeping your word? And why aren't you? I encourage you to take a look at this. And I encourage you to make the choice to keep your word, to yourself and others, no matter what.