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July 30, 2014

The 11 Best Buys From IKEA's 2015 Catalog


The Most Brilliant Cheat Sheet To Gardening We've Ever Seen

Mike Harrington via Getty Images

Here's Proof That Beautiful Art Is Hiding In The Most Mundane Of Places

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Creating A Minimal Home, In One Chart

Patti McConville via Getty Images

9 Ways To Use Your Attic (That Have Nothing To Do With Storage)


The 10 Carpet Design Styles You Need To Know

West Elm

How To Make Your Garden Water-Free

Ike Edeani/Dwell

The Best Outdoor Lights For Backyards, Patios & Balconies

via Apartment Therapy

10 Garden Ideas To Steal From France

Anna Williams

8 Reasons To Stop Hating On Retro Appliances

West Elm

10 Things You Never Knew You Could Buy At Lowe's

7 Reasons Why Cottage-Style Homes Are Our Dream Homes

5 Mistakes We All Make When Putting Furniture In A Room


11 Things No One Will Buy At Your Yard Sale

Anthony Rosenberg via Getty Images

The Best Way To Transform A Room, Without Buying Anything New

IPGGutenbergUKLtd via Getty Images

You're Tackling Your To-Do List All Wrong -- Here's How To Get It Right


10 Things You Only See In Decor Catalogs

West Elm

RANKED: The 10 Best Cities For Families

SZE FEI WONG via Getty Images

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15 Ways To Add Color To A Room (Without Commitment)


3 Cleaning Products You're Overusing (Which Is Making Your Home Dirtier)

serezniy via Getty Images

How To Transform Your Kitchen For Under $500

via Remodelista

7 Decor Decisions That Make Your Home Look Messy

PhotoAlto/Anne-Sophie Bost via Getty Images

The 12 Things Every First Apartment Needs


How To Peel An Orange Without Making A Sticky Mess

Vincenzo Lombardo via Getty Images

25 Dogs Who Went The Extra (Messy) Mile For The Love Of Peanut Butter


7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Tiny Kitchen


It's National Hammock Day! Here Are 8 Ways To Celebrate

Shutterstock / Dudarev Mikhail

Here's Proof That Even HGTV Hosts Struggle With Home Renovations


How To Know If It's Time To Move -- Or Renovate

Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

Pink Pipes Are Blocking Berlin Apartments -- And They're Totally Wild

Instagram / berlinstagram