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September 20, 2014

The Only Thing That Could Ever Make A NYC Apartment Seem 'Affordable'


9 Little Tricks That'll Change The Way You Cook, Eat And Work In The Kitchen

macrovector via Getty Images

The Definitive Guide To Having Sex.. On Furniture

lemonadv via Getty Images

Amazing Home Decor At Your Favorite Clothing Stores? Yup, It's A Thing


You'll Never Guess How Much This Luxury California Home Will Cost You


You've Never Seen Ikea Look Like This

akitkat / Instagram

11 Epic Tree Houses That Will Make Every Single Kid Jealous

Joel Allen

Here Are Hundreds Of Answers To All Your Paint Color Questions

Vstock via Getty Images

Here's How Decorating Your Home Is A Lot Like Drinking Wine

Shutterstock / GoodMood Photo

How Often Should You Replace... Shower Curtain + Liners?

Loretta Hostettler via Getty Images

The 'Kitchen Of The Year' Perfectly Combines Every 2014 Trend We've Loved

James Baigrie / House Beautiful

The Easily-Found Item That'll Update Your Home For $5 Or Less

John W Banagan via Getty Images

Step Inside The 'World's Smallest House'...


Behold: The Ramen Spoon

The 7 Places Even Organized People Just Don't Organize


It's REALLY Time To Get A Hobby -- Here Are 6 Places To Do It

The Unexpected Thing You Can Now Buy At IKEA


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You'll Have No Excuse For Your Blank Walls After Reading This

The Washington Post via Getty Images

This Is The Only Guide To Making The Bed You Will Ever Need


We Hate To Break It To You, But Danny Tanner's House Is Out Of Your Budget

Geri Lavrov via Getty Images

7 'Back-To-School' Clearance Deals Every Adult Should Pick Up Now

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Living In The Middle Of Nowhere Has Never (Ever) Looked So Stunning


Make This Cookie Butter Ice Cream Sandwich


5 NYFW Trends You Can Bring From The Runway Into Your Home


Now THIS Is How A Gallery Wall Should Be Set Up


You Can Stop Freaking Out About That Ant Infestation Now

Image Source via Getty Images

This Is What Life On The Edge Really Looks Like

Modscape / Rex USA

In The Future, You'll Never Have To Assemble Furniture Again

Biorobotics Laboratory, EPFL

How To Poach, Fry, Scramble And Boil The Perfect Egg

David Marsden via Getty Images