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December 19, 2014

An Unusual Use For Vinegar

Winslow Productions via Getty Images

23 Beyoncé-Inspired Gifts To Make Your Home Look Flawless This Season


The Secret For Wrinkle-Free Clothes

MattZ90 via Getty Images

Use A Napkin For The Cutest Party Trick This Weekend

Serg_Velusceac via Getty Images

This Man's Insane Commute Will Make You Appreciate Yours

Brent Winebrenner via Getty Images

This Recipe Is Worth $1 Million, According To Pillsbury


11 Awesome Holiday Gifts You Can Find At Your Local Drugstore


Should You Pack, Pick Up Or Ship Your Holiday Gifts?

John Block via Getty Images

This Is What Art In The Apocalypse Will Look Like

How To Do Magic Tricks With Cocktails

Chris Stein via Getty Images

9 Times IKEA Won Everything In 2014


10 Mistakes You're Making When Starting Your Home Search (And How To Avoid Them)


How One Family Turned A 45-Room Hotel Into One Incredible Home


A Holiday Tipping Guide For All The People Who Help You Around The House

Hill Street Studios via Getty Images

These Everyday Home Items Can Double As Christmas Decor

Rita Maas via Getty Images

The Do's And Don'ts Of Sending Holiday Cards


Winter Is Apparently The Best Time To Sell Your Home. Here's How To Prep It In One Weekend.

David Papazian via Getty Images

How To Wrap A Present In 12 Seconds -- Seriously.

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11 Remarkable Holiday Gifts Literally Made From Detroit's Trash And Abandoned Homes

Wallace Detroit Guitars

Taste Test: What's The Best Liquor For Spiking Eggnog?

Justin Woiwode/The Huffington Post

Glow-In-The-Dark Table Will Make You Want To Get Your DIY On


HGTV's Bryan Baeumler On Giving It All Up For The Country


How Much Do You Really Know About Poinsettias?

Elisabeth Pollaert Smith via Getty Images

A Keyboard Waffle Is Obviously Just What You Need This Year

Chris Dimino

8 Holiday Gifts Anyone With A Home Will Love

Tom Merton via Getty Images

These 'Rolling Homes' Are Exactly What They Sound Like

Our Favorite Fashion Designers Dish On Their Best Holiday Gifts Ever

Tiara Chiaramonte

Read This Before You Buy Another Warehouse Club Membership

KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images

10 Of The Most Expensive Apartments Around The World

Jeremy Woodhouse via Getty Images

The Big Decorating Mistake We All Make

courtesy Rizzoli Books