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January 25, 2015

There's A Good Chance You'll Get Bedbugs If You Live In One Of These Cities

Songquan Deng via Getty Images

Here's Why Auctions Are The Best Place You've Never Shopped

JordiRoy via Getty Images

3 Steps To Turning Your DIY Hobby Into A Career

Neniya via Getty Images

Behold, A Rug That's Made Of All Your Old Sh*t

Photography Pam Kat & styling Sander van Eyck

6 Home Projects That Are Easier Than You Think (And 10 That Aren't)

AndreyPopov via Getty Images

The Nessie Ladle Is The Most Adorable Kitchen Appliance Of The Year


This Little Device Could Change The Way You Do Laundry


7 Organizing Problems That Can Be Solved With Hooks


Yankee Candle Is Now Selling Girl Scout Cookie Candles

Yankee Candle

Thankfully, Someone Is Preserving A History Of Wallpaper

Want To Own A Castle? Here's Your Chance.

Facebook/Tiffany Castle

Saying Goodbye to Hollywood's Hottest, Seediest Address

13 Problems Only Hawaii Newbies Will Understand

lightstock via Getty Images

'Paint-Your-Own Granite' Is A Thing, And We're Absolutely Stunned

The Best Sofas For Different Lifestyles

poligonchik via Getty Images

The Top 10 Cities That'll Make You Snuggle Up And Get Cozy

Kenneth C. Zirkel via Getty Images

Artist 'Paints' Ancient Drawings Onto Modern Homes

Maria Umievskaya

This Bathroom Organizing Chart Will Make Your Mornings Infinitely Better

Jonathan Kantor via Getty Images


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14 Items In Your Bathroom That Have Probably Already Expired

angiii via Getty Images

America's Most Loved And Hated Parking Tradition Happens Each Winter In Chicago


How To Save Time And Money By Just Changing The Day You Shop

Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

How To Talk About Your Home Like You Know What You're Talking About

Courtesy of

A Guide To Loading Basically Every Type Of Dishwasher That Exists

Flicker: Joe Clark

5 Ways To Whip Your Bathroom Into Shape

Shutterstock / Poznyakov

15 Pillows Every Sleepy Person Has Ever Dreamt Of


10 Things You Didn't Know You Were Cleaning Wrong

diego cervo via Getty Images

Apparently, Texas Is THE Place To Move Right Now

Jeremy Woodhouse via Getty Images

These Tried And Tested Appliances Will Add Two Hours To Your Day

Andrew Olney via Getty Images

Japan Unveils Designs For First Underwater City, And We're In Awe

Shimizu Corporation

15 Matcha Recipes That'll Help You Get In On This Trend

Oh, How Civilized