06/22/2015 10:52 am ET | Updated Jun 22, 2016

9 Unbelievable Trash-to-Treasure Triumphs

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In 2009, the EPA reported that 9.9 million tons of household waste was made up of discarded furniture, a number that has only grown in the past 6 years. But what most people see as trash, these 9 DIYers see as raw material. We knew you wouldn't believe the flips if we told you, so here are the before and afters to prove that real DIY dreamers can turn a piece of trash into treasure.

1. Dusty Antique Rocker

Project via DeDe @Designed Decor

With the cushions in rags and the wood splintering on all sides, this old rocker needed a little love. What it got though, was nothing short of magic!

2. Two Tone Card Catalog

Project via Michelle @Dandelion Patina

Anyone who finds an ancient card catalog like this would be happy enough to accept it as is, scratches and all. Not this adventurous blogger though - she gave it a one of a kind modern twist!

3. Chalky Mint Buffet

Project via Bre @Brepurposed

This gorgeous buffet had been sitting on her porch for months and the top was a hot mess. With a chalky coat of bright paint, it's even better than new.

4. Bench Turned Planter

Project via Kimberly @Quirky Cool Living

With expert painting skills, this DIYer turned a small, plain bench into a beautiful summer planter, perfect for displaying her favorite blooms in the flower bed.

5. Coastal Ladder Shelf

Project via DeDe @Designed Decor

When this designer found an old paint ladder at a garage sale for $5, she snatched it right up, and added a vibrant coastal display shelf to her porch.

6. Clock Side Table

Project via Tracy @At Home With Sweet T

With a large clock face and an unused stool, this thrifty crafter created a great conversation piece and an amazing looking table.

7. Soft Contrast Dresser

Project via Carrie @Thirty Eighth Street

This vintage dresser, which looked absolutely ancient, got a bold facelift with milk paint, and became the perfect mix of modern and heirloom.

8. Floral Rocking Chair

Project via Stacy @Anastasia Vintage

This chair's wooden frame was already beautiful, but with a refreshing coat of paint and some gorgeous floral fabric, a thrift store rocker became a statement nursery piece.

9. French Decal Dresser

Project via Lynn @Fern Avenue

Sometimes paint or stain won't cut it, but that doesn't stop a motivated DIYer. This dresser was transformed into a French style piece, with a charming decal made from a French poster.

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