October 24, 2014


Trick or treat! You may have grown out of the door-to-door business, but what's in the bag o' loot is something we never get too old for. One of the best indicators of what sweets you're sweet on is your zodiac sign. From Twix to Twizzlers, we've got the treats that will bring out the kid in every zodiac sign this Halloween.

The ancient art of Yoga unites the mind and body, and truly has something to offer for everyone. You can sweat out toxins at 105 degrees with Bikram yoga, get your cardio pumping with aerobic Ashtanga, raise your vital forces with Kundalini yoga and gain serenity through classic Hatha poses. So which style is best for you?

It's said that we "raise" our children, but it might be more accurate to say that we shepherd them past disaster until they become the people they were, in fact, all along. Your infant is a brand-new person, a person complete unto him or herself. Our children can teach us so much by virtue of the fact that they are someone not like ourselves.

Are your finances getting you down while opportunities pass you by? Maybe your wealth energy is blocked. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is a great way to open up those energy channels so you can attract more abundance into your life. It's easy to do -- just follow these simple tips for each area of your home.

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