April 20, 2015

July Horoscope for Aquarius

You might find yourself craving extra alone time near July 12, to sort out any personal matter that has recently caused you anxiety or distress. If you're in therapy, there could be an important breakthrough now; one that frees you from a chain in your past you never imagined had such a strong hold.

Another possibility is that you'll become startlingly aware that someone else will benefit from your assistance. If this happens you'll want to do whatever you can to ease this person's suffering, and as a result you can be sure your kindness will come back to you tenfold when it's your turn to receive.

On July 16, lucky planet Jupiter will enter your partnership sector, and you'll have magnificent cosmic assistance to help you fortify important personal and business connections until August 2015. If you join forces with anyone during this time, you can be confident it'll be a mutually beneficial alliance. If you're married, this will be a time that expands whatever is happening at this point in your relationship -- good or bad.

Although Jupiter is typically thought of as the planet of abundance and prosperity, his function is to expand whatever it touches. If you're not in a good place with a relationship, Jupiter will magnify your awareness of this now. If, however, you are happy, this will be a time of great joy and harmony. Initiate a new partnership after July 26 and watch it turn into something magical. 

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Keep your cool

July begins with the Sun in cautious Cancer and your 6th House of Work, indicating the need to operate carefully for the first three weeks of the month. It's better to work your way around problems than to force issues in this sensitive environment. Power struggles and surprises are likely from July 4-8, making this a particularly important time to maintain a cool attitude..

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Love: The force is with you

When it comes to love and relationships, you may feel as if you've won the cosmic jackpot this month. In many ways, you have. First, after July 1, Mercury will turn direct in your true love sector, helping you clear away the cobwebs surrounding your thoughts in a romantic matter. There are several scenarios....

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