May 6, 2015

July Horoscope for Cancer

You've been working extra hard on a close personal relationship since late last year. Whether it has been a spouse or business alliance, your commitment to this union has come into question more than once. If you've decided to roll up your sleeves and do the work necessary to keep this partnership alive, then the Full Moon on July 12 will bring you a heavy dose of illumination about whether or not all of your effort has been worth it. You have no illusions about this relationship now, and if you're committed to making it work then you certainly have the potential for endurance. If, however, you realize you're the only one doing the work, resentment might kick in.

In other news, when it comes to finances, you're about to enjoy a once-in-12-years event that will make it feel like it's raining money! Jupiter will enter your earned income sector on July 16, where he'll remain for a little over a year. During this time your confidence in your ability to make money will grow, and opportunities to market yourself and monetize your talents will expand, as well.

A brilliant New Moon in Leo on July 26 will help push open the doors of financial prosperity. Use it well. Adding to this goodness is the fact that Venus will enter your sign on July 18 and remain here until August 12. During this time your powers of attraction will be strong, and you'll look and feel more beautiful. You're sexy and you know it! 

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Keep In Mind:

Career: A personal touch

The energizing Sun in your 1st House of Personality through July 22 can boost your confidence and increase your visibility. This is also an excellent transit for getting yourself into great shape. But even if you don't get into a healthy diet and exercise routine early in the month, you get another source of inspiration for physical activity when Mars enters intense Scorpio and your 5th House of Romance and Play on July 25.

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Love: Keeping it real

Your love life certainly won't be boring this month. On July 12, a Full Moon in your partnership sector will ensure that you and your mate are keeping it real. If there's anything you need to clear up about your level of commitment, now is the time. Additionally, if there's any resentment about domestic or other partnership responsibilities or things are feeling one-sided, then this lunation will bring those issues to the forefront for resolution.

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