September 1, 2015

November Horoscope for Cancer

If you're feeling touchy about a situation between you and a pal near November 6, try not to overreact. If you and a friend separate, it's more likely to be due to outside circumstances than anything else. Perhaps this pal is sick or needs to move out of state for a job opportunity. Whatever the details, all you can do is sustain the friendship to the best of your ability. Some situations are simply out of your control.

If you're married, an argument with your spouse is possible near November 10. Steer clear of engaging in any power struggle if at all possible. Tempers might easily flare, and one of you may act hastily only to later regret it. Instead, use this potent energy to work together for a cause you're both passionate about.

If you're dating someone or single, romance will be a central focus. In particular you may feel as if you're constantly trying to overcome impossible circumstances to be with the one you love. Or, if single, you might feel ready to give up on your search for love altogether as hopelessness creeps in. Don't despair! Recognize this month as a test to remain true to yourself about what you know you want and deserve in love. This theme will be especially strong on November 12, 18 and 25.

Alternatively, if you have children you might need to take care of a major responsibility connected to one of them this month. This could be financial but it may also have to do with finding a new sitter or nanny, or helping a child move past a problem in school or emotionally. You'll be willing to do whatever it takes for your child. You always put family first.

Looking for work? Send out those resumes after November 22. A job will be easy to find.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Doors are opening

If you're working on any creative project connected to your work, this month you might feel more stifled than usual. Perhaps an authority figure will criticize your work in a way that leaves you feeling extra sensitive. If this happens, try to see the bigger picture. Take what is valuable from his or her feedback and discard the rest. November 12, 18, and 25 might bring developments in this area for you.<

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Love: Get Serious

Love is serious business for you this month. With Saturn, the planet of lessons and commitment, touring your true love sector since October 2012, you're no stranger to hard knocks in the romance department lately.

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