December 1, 2015

July Horoscope for Capricorn

A Full Moon in your sign on July 1 might leave you feeling extra emotional. You might realize that it's time to shed your dead skin, much like a snake. There may be a part of your life that is no longer workable, whether it's a relationship, goal or something about your personal identity. Now is the time to clean out your personal closet so that you can make room for your best self to emerge.

Relationships come into focus on July 15 and it's possible that you'll be ready to take on a new business partner. If you are considering this be aware that on this day you might have a slight power struggle relating to how this alliance will work. You'll be tempted to call it off before it even begins but hang in there -- the angry energy will pass. Then, you'll have two weeks to plant seeds around this relationship that are sure to develop in a positive way. If you're married it's also possible that you and your mate will experience a new beginning in your relationship -- even if you need to fight for it.

Venus will retrograde on July 25 until September 6. For most of this cycle, beginning July 31, you'll need to carefully review financial matters connected to investments, taxes, and any debt you have. This will be a good time to get things in better order so that you feel empowered about your financial future.

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Keep In Mind:

Love: Time to re-evaluate

This will certainly be an eventful month in terms of love and relationships. On July 1, a Full Moon will fall in your sign, amplifying your emotions. You're more likely to share what you're feeling with your mate rather than stuff it all inside. This approach might be quite freeing for you; although your partner might not exactly like everything you're sharing. If you find yourself engaged in a power struggle on July 6th, do your best to take the high road. Still, you might begin to feel a growing sense of resentment if your partner isn't recognizing your strengths. The temptation might be to display them in a way that is more intense. Coming on too strong will be off putting to your partner and you'll see this for certain on July 15 if there is an explosive argument between the two of you.
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