June 30, 2015

August Horoscope for Gemini

If you're working on a publishing or advertising endeavor, you might see it reach fulfillment near August 10. You'll certainly feel emotionally connected to the outcome, and it's obvious you put your heart and soul into whatever this is. It may also involve an international project or have international ties in some way.

Communication and writing continue to be a strong theme for the rest of the month. On August 12, with Venus entering your message sector until September 5, your words will flow smoothly. Whether you use this gift for written or verbal communication, be sure to use it! You'll have an extraordinary gift to negotiate and express your ideas with grace. In addition, it'll be quite difficult for anyone to refuse you if you're in the sales industry. You might enjoy record sales this month as a result. Look to August 18 for a special boost in either sales or a money-making communications project.

In matters of the heart, you and your sweetheart might exchange heartfelt dialogue that makes you jump for joy on August 18.

A New Moon on August 25 will fall in your home and family sector. Now, your attention will move toward a fresh start between you and your clan, or with your current location. If you're thinking about a move, the 10 days following this lunation will be ideal to start looking for a new place.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Back up your words

The desire to have fun makes a great deal of sense with the Sun's presence in playful, proud Leo until August 23. This transit in your 3rd House of Communication can add enthusiasm to your words and creativity to your ideas. Your gift of gab is likely to be obvious, whether you're making a pitch for a job or you are trying to fire up colleagues and customers.

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Love: Happy happy, joy joy

Your ability to think big about romance will be strong this month. What you'll notice is that an optimistic, confident outlook and mindset has the power to attract more romantic opportunities your way. The minute you give in to less-than-positive thoughts about love, however, it might feel like you've hit a wall. Do yourself a favor and don't even go there. This should be a time of absolute joy when it comes to thinking about or communicating with someone special.

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