August 31, 2015

June Horoscope for Leo

Your capacity to open your heart and give love in the most extraordinary way will be crystal clear near June 2. While it might be due to a love affair that has you swept away, this could just as easily be a creative project you've fallen in love with and are ready to reveal to the world. Or, your relationship with one of your children may reach a turning point and you'll feel an extra special bond with him or her.

In matters of the heart, if you're dating someone new you might very well feel as if you've found "the one." This might become even clearer after June 5 and until July 18 while love planet Venus tours your sign. On June 6, the two of you might decide it's time to go exclusive. Whatever your relationship status, you'll display an extra dose of confidence that will be truly irresistible to others during this time. If you are single, expect plenty of interest from others now. You might have more than one dating prospect on your hands!

Your social life will get back to an even keel after June 11, thanks to Mercury turning direct. If you and a pal have experienced any frustrating misunderstanding, expect resolution in the days that follow. Also, after June 16, you might have an opportunity for a new social experience altogether. You may decide to join a group or organization that you find intellectually stimulating.

Is there a personal aspiration you're ready to manifest? Set things in motion after June 16 and watch the magic happen!

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Love: A crucial turning point

Pay attention to the events that begin to unfold this month -- especially as they connect to romance. By the fall, you're likely to look back on this month as a crucial turning point; one that might have far reaching consequences. It all begins with a Full Moon in your 5th House of True Love on June 2. Full Moons bring emotions to the forefront and often, there is a certain level of awareness about matters connected to the house where that Full Moon falls. In your case, you might finally see the light about a romantic situation you're in. If you're casually dating someone at a crucial turning point and realize that it's not going anywhere, you will likely make a decision to end things. However, if you're in a position where you are dating someone and this person is becoming more important, you may realize that you're actually falling in love.

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