May 5, 2015

November Horoscope for Leo

Expect to be in the spotlight for a career achievement near November 6. You may also receive this crown of glory for another reason, but whatever the details you can be certain that others will notice. Enjoy this feeling of fulfillment; this feeling that you have "arrived." You certainly deserve it!

You'll continue to work tirelessly to ensure a project succeeds around November 10. Your willpower and determination might be rather intense on this day, so take care not to intimidate coworkers with your super charged raw ambition.

There will be a strong focus on domestic matters near November 12, 18 and 25. If you've already been handling a stressful situation at home you might notice that this is "crunch time," when you and your clan might feel tested to your limit. Remain focused on the plan of action you know will lead to stability -- even if it's not easy to implement. You might not be able to make everyone happy, but that shouldn't be your concern. You're trying to keep the foundation from crumbling, and in doing so your personal choices and wants will be secondary.

Love is in the air after November 22. Give yourself time to enjoy the pleasures in life. Smile more, worry less. 

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Keep In Mind:

Career: A fire is burning

A Full Moon in your 10th House of Career on November 6 will likely put you in the spotlight. If you've been working hard toward a specific achievement, it's likely that you'll receive the recognition that you deserve now. In many ways this will be your time to shine, and you'll certainly notice that more attention is arriving from VIPs connected to your industry.

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Love: Love Fool

The first half of the month will be relatively quiet as it pertains to love, but don't let that fool you. After November 16, you'll be on fire with romantic potential! On that day, Venus will enter the area of your chart ruling love and pleasure, and it will remain there until December 10. During this time, if single, you'll have extraordinary prospects to meet someone new who captures your heart.

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