July 26, 2016

May Horoscope for Libra

You'll begin the month reconsidering your approach to savings and investment. Fortunately, after May 6, you'll have a fortunate opportunity to make strides in this area of life. Another possibility is that your spouse or partner will receive an increase in salary, ultimately benefiting both of you. If you're revising your will or other financial planning, wait until after this date to set plans into motion.

In other news, it's possible that one of your siblings will require your emotional support after May 21. He or she might be going through a difficult personal transition such as a breakup or job change.

From May 24 through June 17, your ruling planet Venus will move through your 9th House of Mind Expansion. You may decide to sign up for an adult education course or advanced degree program to broaden your horizons. This might also be an ideal time to begin learning a new language or to book a trip overseas. You'll love the experience!

From May 27 until June 29, Mars will retrograde through your earned income sector. You'll have an opportunity to revise your money making strategies in order to ensure that you're utilizing your talents and abilities to their greatest potential.

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Love: Cashing in

You and your spouse or partner could make significant strides in your joint finances this month. You might consider purchasing a big-ticket item together such as a car or home. Or, it's possible that you're planning for retirement and will discuss key investment strategies. You might also be listing each other as beneficiaries on any will or insurance policy you have. Perhaps this won't be the most romantic month, but it will be a stable and secure one with your mate.

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