August 22, 2014

Horoscope by Rick Levine,

Although you may be tempted to act spontaneously today, it's crucial to slow down so you can establish a healthy routine in your life. Unfortunately, the more rigid your schedule is now, the greater your need to demonstrate your unconventional side. But don't sacrifice one extreme for the other. Your ultimate happiness depends upon being both emotionally stable and wildly creative at the same time.

Horoscope by Rick Levine,

Horoscope by Rick Levine,

Weekly Love Horoscope

Pisces Love Forecast for the Week of August 18

Week of August 18th, 2014

If you're married or in a committed relationship, steer clear of Monday to make any important decisions together or to have a conversation that is meaningful to either one of you. Mercury, now in your partnership sector, will oppose Neptune. This alignment can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, confusion or even disappointment in communication. At its worst, it can manifest as an outright lie. Thursday will be much more supportive to talk to one another. Dialogue on this day will be positively transforming instead of bewildering.

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone,

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Monthly Horoscope

Smooth sailing

You might crave even more alone time than usual near August 10. If there's anything that's been troubling you recently, this may be an excellent time to seek out counseling or talk to a friend you trust about your worries. Anxiety you hold inside during this time may feel particularly uncomfortable, and if so it'll be a clear signal that it's time to do what's necessary to release yourself of it once and for all.

After August 12, and until September 5, you can expect to enjoy more peace and harmony at the office. Cooperation with your colleagues will be easier, so anticipate smooth sailing if there's a team project you're working on. If you're looking for work, the perfect job may arrive near August 18, when Venus and Jupiter collide in your work sector.

On August 25, an opportunity to partner up with someone in business or even your personal life may arrive. This person will be diligent, analytical and quite astute. Between your imagination and his or her practicality, there will be incredible complementarity. This might be a match made in heaven!

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone,

Whatever it takes

Acting more confident than you feel will be helpful to you at work this month. August begins with the Sun in bold Leo and your 6th House of Employment, where expressing your creativity and using the power of your personality will serve your career. There's a need to fill your heart with what you do for a living, and change is needed if that's missing in your job. It might be as simple as finding ways to be more positive about what you do, or treating it like a game. But it's also possible that if you're feeling stifled professionally, taking risks in pursuit of fulfillment will be necessary. The formula is simple: The more joy you put into your work, the more pleasure you'll get from it.

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone,

Go for it!

If you're single, it's possible that an office romance is in the air. On August 12, love planet Venus will enter your work sector. Until September 5, there are definitely positive vibes in your work environment that will amp up any already existing attraction between you and a colleague. Another possibility is that someone new will join your team and there will be an instant connection. The chemistry might be impossible to ignore by August 18, when Venus embraces Jupiter, expanding romantic feelings. Go for it!

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone,

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Fish appear to be individuals, but have you ever seen a school of them swimming together? They act as one. Each is part of a greater whole. And you Pisces Fish are more aware of your interdependency than any other sign. It's as if Pisces live in an ocean and the spirit that flows through you is like the one ocean that flows through all fishes. The symbol of the Fish is also the symbol of Christianity, the predominant religion during the past two thousand years -- also known to astrologers as the "Age of Pisces."



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