March 27, 2015

Horoscope by Rick Levine,

Sometimes your feelings can confuse you when you are required to exert your will. You tend to avoid direct confrontation, for it brings up issues of uncertainty within your imagination. Now, however, you can go after what you want without worrying about offending people with your honest disclosure. In fact, they will want to help you; just make sure you are clear about your destination before asking others for their support.

Horoscope by Rick Levine,

Horoscope by Rick Levine,

Weekly Love Horoscope

Pisces Love Forecast for the Week of March 23

Week of March 23rd, 2015

This week you might wax poetic to your lover. Your mind will fill with sentimental thoughts and romantic notions, and it'll be a good time to share them with someone special. He or she won't think you've lost your mind. In fact, the beauty of your ideas and your unwavering belief in love will inspire your partner. Together, you'll have a brilliant capacity to feel and express unconditional love. You are blessed.

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Monthly Horoscope

Deepen your bonds

As the month begins, you might be quite busy working on a freelance assignment or other project that will pay nicely. There's something special about this endeavor that sparks your creative side. You'll enjoy working on this project, and if you play your cards right it might even lead to additional projects that are similar in nature down the road.

On March 5, a Full Moon in your relationship sector will have you feeling especially emotionally connected to your mate. The two of you will have an easy time communicating your deepest sentiments in a way that deepens your bond. Don't be afraid to initiate a conversation about a sensitive matter -- you'll be glad you did.

In fact, with Mercury in your sign from March 12-30, it'll be easier for you to convey your thoughts and ideas to just about anyone. Move past any insecurity you may have about speaking to your boss. You might have a test in this area on March 16, but on March 18 you will convey your thoughts in the most inspiring way to anyone.

A Solar Eclipse in your sign on March 19 signals a promising new beginning in your personal life. You're ready to make a change, whether it's physical or in the realm of relationships. Trust the process as it unfolds -- even if you're not certain of the details just yet.

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone,

Horoscope by Maria DeSimone,

Romantic revelations

This month's lunation's will have a direct effect on your relationship life, so get ready to experience change and emotionally-charged events when it comes to love. It all begins with a Full Moon in your partnership sector on March 5. You might feel extremely emotionally connected to your mate during this time, and if so it'll be easy to nurture the potential to strengthen your bond even more. A certain level of awareness is likely to occur -- the kind of revelation that makes you certain that you two have a connection that can withstand more than most. If so, you are truly blessed.

In rare instances, this lunation will be more about an "a-ha" moment that leads to separation. If that should occur, you would already be well aware that you and your partner are ready to dissolve your union. Still, the emotional fallout will be more intense during this time, and you'll need to give yourself a chance to breath and grieve.

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone,

About the Sign

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Fish appear to be individuals, but have you ever seen a school of them swimming together? They act as one. Each is part of a greater whole. And you Pisces Fish are more aware of your interdependency than any other sign. It's as if Pisces live in an ocean and the spirit that flows through you is like the one ocean that flows through all fishes. The symbol of the Fish is also the symbol of Christianity, the predominant religion during the past two thousand years -- also known to astrologers as the "Age of Pisces."



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