August 24, 2016

July Horoscope for Pisces

If you're single, expect dazzling romantic prospects this month. For starters, love planet Venus will continue to tour your true love sector until July 12. Also, a New Moon will fall in the same part of your chart on July 4, making the first half of the month filled with extraordinary potential for you to meet someone new with the potential to capture your heart. If you can choose a first date, opt for July 5 or 6. If you're already in a relationship, it's possible that the two of you will be talking about having a baby. Already have children? Expect positive news regarding one of them!

Life at the office improves dramatically during the second half of July -- especially after July 13. Communication with colleagues will be more peaceful and as a result, it'll be easy to collaborate on any team assignments.

Your social life is the focus near July 19. One of your pals might be going through a rough patch, and if so, will lean on you for support. Another possibility is that you'll make a decision to end your role in a group or to part ways with a longtime friend if you've outgrown the relationship.

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Keep In Mind:

Love: Absolute fulfillment

July 4 will bring fireworks for the celebration of Independence Day in the US, but it might just as easily bring fireworks to your love life. A gorgeous New Moon will fall in your romance sector on that day, bringing with it a magnificent 2- week opportunity to meet someone new and fall head over heels in love.

Venus will also be in the same area of your chart until July 12, fortifying the romantic potential even more. If you're already attached you can expect absolute fulfillment in the connection you have with your sweetheart.


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