May 27, 2016

September Horoscope for Pisces

A creative project you have been working on will make real progress this month -- especially after September 6. Relationship wise, you might be close to forging a new alliance with someone. This could be in your personal life, but it might also be business-related. Pay attention to developments in partnership matters after the Solar Eclipse on September 13 -- there could be something extraordinary on the horizon!

Career responsibilities might reach a new level for you after September 17. If you've been working hard to reach the top of your field it's possible that now, you'll be recognized as a seasoned, well respected professional.

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Love: A new beginning

A potent Solar Eclipse in your relationship sector on September 13 could signal a bright new beginning between you and your mate. If you're dating someone this might be the time when the two of you decide to make more of a substantial commitment to each other. The only rub is that after September 17, you may have to rehash a few things that relate to shared finances. Expect some work ahead in order to go from what's "mine and yours" to "what's ours."Read the rest of your September Love Horoscope here »