April 18, 2015

July Horoscope for Sagittarius

You might feel consumed with financial security issues near July 12, thanks to a Full Moon in your earned income sector. This lunation will tug at you when it comes to the physical realities of this world we live in. You prefer to think big and fly high by the seat of your pants. Ever optimistic, you know that somehow the world will always cushion any fall.

With this Full Moon, however, you might receive a reality check of sorts that forces you to consider that yes, you are a spiritual being, but you are also living in a physical world. And that world can get expensive.

Thankfully, your zest for life and faith in the universe will be restored in the most extraordinary way possible after July 16. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will enter the area of your chart where it is most at home -- the 9th House of Expansion. You might spend the next 13 months exploring your spiritual connections, traveling abroad or studying a subject that fascinates you.

International connections might prove extremely fruitful now, and if you have any special message that you want to spread to others, it has the potential to reach a mass level through publishing, advertising or broadcasting. Think big! The New Moon on July 26 will help you set all of this into motion. 

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Don't hold back

Relationships are likely to be key to your professional life this month. July begins with the Sun in caring Cancer and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Making alliances with others can strengthen your position in your current situation, or perhaps open the door to a new business partnership. It's important that you don't yoke yourself to an insecure individual who regularly relies on you for emotional support, though. While being more sensitive to others is highly recommended now, alliances that aren't based on equality are not likely to prove fruitful.

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Love: Go for it!

You might receive an exciting surprise from your lover near July 7. Whatever this is will leave you stunned and thrilled all at once. You and your mate could also decide to shake things up in your relationship and try something together that you've always wanted to, but never actually got around to doing. This will invigorate both of you and bring you closer together, so go for it!

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