August 31, 2015

June Horoscope for Sagittarius

You'll wear your heart on your sleeve early this month thanks to a Full Moon in your sign on June 2. Although your emotions will be out in the open, you wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, you'll feel relieved -- no matter who sees it. After all, this is you -- why should you hide?

If you're thinking about taking a trip overseas, do your best to go between June 5 and July 18. You will thoroughly enjoy any travel you do and you might even find a love connection as you explore new terrain. If you're already in a relationship, consider taking that long awaited dream vacation with your sweetie. You won't regret it.

Overall, relationship matters will improve dramatically after June 11 once Mercury turns direct in your partnership sector. Use a New Moon in the same area of your chart on June 16 to initiate a new business or personal alliance that you want to endure.

If financial matters begin to aggravate you after June 24, consider enlisting the help of a professional to sort through any headache.

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Love: Exciting developments

Get ready for a slew of exciting developments this month in your love life! On June 2, a Full Moon in your sign will leave you wearing your heart on your sleeve. This is not usually a problem for you since you're quite open and honest about anything and everything. Revealing your deepest sentiments to your partner now will only help promote a more enduring and supportive relationship. And if it doesn't? Well you are not one to dwell -- you'll likely move onto greener pastures quickly...

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