July 25, 2014

May Horoscope for Sagittarius

Communication between you and your mate should improve nicely this month. On May 7, Mercury will enter your partnership sector, remaining there until May 29. With the exception of a fuzzy conversation about a family matter on May 11, the rest of the month looks exceptionally promising for the two of you to improve how you talk (and listen) to one another.

On May 14, a serious Full Moon will illuminate the area of your chart that rules privacy and anxiety. You might make a decision to talk to someone about what is holding you back -- an older person or a professional in a therapeutic industry. This will also be a time when you will get more if you give more so consider donating your time, energy or resources to someone in need. It'll not only feel good to stop focusing on your own pain and suffering, but you'll earn serious karmic brownie points in the process!

On May 19, Mars turns direct and you'll finally see progress in the development of a humanitarian or group aspiration. If you and a friend have been going through some type of cold war, you'll now have the impetus to resolve the matter once and for all.

On May 28, a brilliant New Moon in your relationship sector will be an ideal time to join forces with someone new in business. You may also consider hiring an agent, publicist, lawyer or anyone else with whom you need to have a legal agreement. Also, you and someone you've been dating may decide to make your partnership more official in some way. Wedding bells, anyone?

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Steady, as she goes

Taking a more patient approach to work or in pursuit of a job is called for until May 20. That's because the Sun is in stubborn Taurus and your 6th House of Employment, where you're more likely to be rewarded for demonstrating steadiness than style. A down-to-earth approach could be boring for you, but it will develop skills that enhance your professional future.

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Love: Expect the unexpected

There's a bite to your love life this month, but for the most part you'll enjoy the taste. On May 11, however, you may want to be careful. Venus, now in your true love sector, will square off with intense Pluto on this day. When Venus and Pluto get together, love can be transformed -- but it can also be obsessed over, manipulated, or even dangerous. In your case, it appears the danger lies in finances. Are you tempted to date someone for his or her money, or are you the one trying to buy love? It's also possible that your lover will ask you for a loan, or try to manipulate you into buying him or her something you really can't afford. Set limits, but keep it all in perspective. It's only one day!

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