February 14, 2016

April Horoscope for Scorpio

If things at the office have been tense lately, it's possible that the pressure will reach an all-time high near April 4. Someone you work with might be fired. Or, you may hear news that a colleague is sick, going through a difficult time personally, or is taking a leave of absence to care for a relative who is ill.

Whatever the details, this appears to affect you at your core. Either you'll empathize strongly with the situation, or you will be so tired of the irreconcilable differences between the two of you that you'll be relieved to have him or her leave. Just remember to take care of yourself so you don't get physically sick over the situation.

Finances are a positive this month, especially money that comes to you through a source besides your own direct income. On April 11 and until May 7, be on the lookout for happy news relating to your spouse's earnings, benefits that are connected to your job, or an investment. You might receive a noteworthy tax refund this year, as well, which should make you smile.

A New Moon in your work sector on April 18 signals a fresh start in this area. Either that colleague of yours will finally get some breathing room, or you will hear news that your employee has hired someone to replace him or her. You may also launch a new project now that you're particularly excited about. If so, you're likely to be the one to lead the team.

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Keep In Mind:

Love: Use your words

If you're keeping things to yourself more these days, especially concerning your love life, be aware of how it's affecting you physically and emotionally near April 4. While you might try to convince yourself that keeping a stiff upper lip is the way to go, nothing could be farther from the truth. Not expressing how you feel to your partner about a situation (even if it's minor) will only begin to wear on you and your relationship. Better to get it out in the open sooner rather than later. Besides, this will be an excellent lesson in allowing yourself to be vulnerable and trusting.

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