May 26, 2016

September Horoscope for Taurus

With Venus, your ruling planet, turning direct on September 6 you'll definitely start to feel more comfortable in your own skin. In particular, you may notice that family matters finally begin moving in the harmonious direction you've been striving to achieve for so long. At last, your domestic world will be calm enough for you to focus on your relationship. And if single, you might feel enough peace of mind to start dating again.

Love is certainly on your agenda this month one way or another. A promising Solar Eclipse on September 13 will fall in your romance sector. Between your ruler stationing direct and this Eclipse, it'll be an auspicious month for matters of the heart. Pay attention to what develops!

You might notice a few hiccups in an insurance, tax or credit situation after September 17. Do your best to take it in stride and remember that you're in a karmic phase now that will demand you adopt a mature and responsible attitude to handling your finances on your own. You've got this.

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Love: Romantic bliss

Anticipate a September to remember when it comes to romance! First, your ruling planet of love, Venus, will regulate her orbit on September 6, giving you back your natural powers of magnetism. Then, a potent Solar Eclipse in your true love sector on September 13 can bring you the love of your life. With Jupiter in the same part of your chart, this month can be pure romantic bliss! If you're in a committed partnership, financial matters will take a sobering turn after September 17. Be realistic and work together toward your goals. 

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