November 28, 2014

May Horoscope for Virgo

You may be frustrated by setbacks to your plans this month, but you can rebound quickly and establish new goals based on a deeper awareness of who you are and how you want to express yourself. Your ability to make long-term plans is quite sound, with incisive Pluto in your 5th House of Self-Expression creating a harmonious trine with the Sun on May 1, Mars on May 5, and Mercury on May 7 -- all in your 9th House of Future Vision. 
A Taurus Solar Eclipse in your 9th house on May 9 is a harbinger of unexpected change, though, even if everything seems stable in the moment. Venus' entry into your 10th House of Public Responsibility, also on May 9, shifts your focus to seeking recognition on the job. Your thoughts turn to more immediate career concerns when analytical Mercury steps into your 10th house on May 15. 
The Sun and Mars follow suit on May 20 and May 31, further emphasizing the transition from planning for the future to dealing with the present. All of these planets -- plus opportunistic Jupiter -- traveling through diverse Gemini may present so many options that narrowing your focus can be problematic.
Nevertheless, bigger changes are afoot, stemming from a long-lasting square between revolutionary Uranus and evolutionary Pluto that began on June 24, 2012, and culminates on March 16, 2015. This powerful aspect is exact on May 20, deepening an inner conflict between your urgent need to express yourself more passionately and the growing stress it places on your personal relationships. On May 25, a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse lands in your 4th House of Roots, which can put an end to unrealistic dreams about your home and family.

Keep In Mind: Although you prefer having a concrete plan to get ahead at work, too much structure can limit your ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Career: Brainstorm Session

Pick your head up from what you're doing to look off into the distant horizon and you might find a fresh source of inspiration for your work. Whether it's getting a bigger picture view of your current situation that helps you plan a long-term strategy or an enticing vision of a different kind of job, it's healthy to step away from the busyness of your days to reconsider other options. The astrological source of this advice is the presence of four planets in sister earth sign Taurus and your 9th House of Big Ideas. Clever Mercury, sociable Venus, the creative Sun, and aggressive Mars are all lighting up your House of Faraway Places and Higher Education. 

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Love: Get Away and Play!

Dreams of faraway places can inspire your heart with hope when May begins. Four planets in your 9th House of Travel increase your chances of connecting with someone from a different culture or putting more life in your current relationship by planning a trip. If you can't get away, this visionary part of your chart opens your mind to big ideas that put your life in perspective.

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