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The Otherguy Syndrome

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Blame Saddam for not telling us he didn't have WMDs, thus forcing us to invade. Blame the Democrats for not stopping that invasion when they had the chance.

Blame the deficit on the lack of permanent tax cuts for the rich.

Blame those who articulated Coretta Scott King's philosophy at her own funeral for having the bad manners to do so.

Blame the wiretapped for having been swept up in data mining.

Blame Brownie for not telling the White House about the breach of the levees, even after it turns out, he did. Blame the press for playing "the blame game" when they ask about it.

Blame Joe Wilson's wife for sending her husband to Niger. Blame Joe Wilson for not having found anything there. Blame the CIA for letting Cheney know he didn't find anything there.

Blame John Kerry for not being enough of a war hero. Blame Jack Murtha for his "cut and run" cowardice.

Blame NASA scientists for speaking out on science without using the word "theory."

Blame anyone in the press who dares call Abramoff partisan.

Blame the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats for making Alito's wife cry.

And oh, while you're at it -- Blame a 78-year-old man in a bright orange vest for getting in the way of Dick Cheney's shotgun.