04/23/2008 10:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

62 Extremist Republicans Vote To Cut Billions From Medicaid

Today, most of the economic justice energy was over at the Senate. However, the Democrats in the House managed to pass-- with an overwhelming veto-proof majority-- a bill protecting the Medicaid safety net. The House responded to Bush Regime plans to slash federal Medicaid funding to states for vital programs and services by about $18 billion over the next five years. Bush and McCain are screeching like 2 old fishwives at a market about how they can't change the unfair tax code during a recession but neither has any problem whatsoever eviscerating medical care for the poorest Americans-- just as long as the richest-- the ones who donate to their political careers-- don't have to pay their fair share of taxes. The bill that passed the House today with a 349-62 vote-- most Republicans (128) abandoning Boehner, Blunt, Howdy Doody and the rest of the worst GOP extremists-- puts off any changes to Medicaid until 2009, when Bush is safely out of the White House.

Among the 62 extremists who ignored their governors begging them not to vote to wreck Medicaid were some really radical loons who seem to take great joy in giving their constituents the finger, as if to say "You're too stupid to even understand what I think of you, so eat this and be sure and vote for me in November, sucker." I doubt you'll find any surprises on this (partial) list of shameful Republicans.

Roscoe Bartlett (MD)
Marsha Blackburn (TN)
Roy Blunt (MO)
John Boehner (OH)
Paul Broun (GA)
Dan Burton (IN)
Steve Chabot (OH)
Virginia Foxx (NC)
Trent Franks (AZ)
Scott Garrett (NJ)
Darrell Issa (CA)
Steve King (IA)
Buck McKeon (CA)
Marilyn Musgrave (CO)
Stevan Pearce (NM)
Mike Pence (IN)
Howdy Doody (FL)
John Shadegg (AZ)
Lynn Westmoreland (GA)

I managed to get one of the most ethical men running for Congress who I know on the phone, Dennis Shulman (D-NJ). Scott Garrett is the lunatic fringe Republican who Dennis is running against and Garrett was the only N.J. Republican on either side of the aisle to vote to deprive New Jersey of $357.3 million in Medicaid funding. Every other New Jersey Republican joined the Democrats to protect Medicaid. Dennis told me he is profoundly disappointed. "Scott Garret's vote does not reflect this district's fundamental decency or common sense. I know that Garrett's commitment to ideology over solving problems is out of step with Northern New Jersey, and this vote is just another example of why we need to replace him." Blue America is all for that-- and we've set up a page for donations to Dennis' campaign through Act Blue. How would you like to see a brilliant author, psychologist and rabbi (and drummer) replace a kook like Garrett?